Workflow management tool

Access conditions

EAD Workflow Management (WFM) is a software tool, which is specifically designed to:

  • support the modelling of aeronautical information workflow specifications: process definition; organisational structure (users and their roles);
  • control the execution of workflow instances: automatic routing of a process instance to the next responsible data processing agent according to its process definition; 
  • provide information about running processes: monitoring (where is my workflow process instance now?)
  • automatically documents the processes: history (who executed that activity and when?)

Through the WFM tool, users are able to:

  • eliminate paper-based and manual activities for provision of aeronautical information;
  • improve the accuracy and integrity of the published information;
  • prepare an audit report showing when the aeronautical data was processed and by whom;
  • define clear user roles and responsibilities within the organisation for the provision of aeronautical information;
  • meet the ADQ regulation requirements about metadata: for instance, introduce effective start date and time of the data or introduce limitations on the use of the data;
  • efficiently work with the other EAD tools, such as SDO.

Access conditions

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