System for traffic assignment and analysis at a macroscopic level

Traffic and environment simulation system for operational planning.

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The system for traffic assignment and analysis at macroscopic level (SAAM) is an integrated system for network-wide or local design, evaluation, analysis and display of air traffic, civil/military airspace and TMA scenarios.

SAAM is used for operational planning purposes to optimise strategic traffic flows, to design the route network and airspace, to analyse past and future traffic flows, and to display and compare projects.


SAAM includes:

  • airspace design (route network, RAD, sectors, military areas, SID/STAR, etc.);
  • calculation of 4D flight trajectories (shortest path, cheapest path, optimised path, etc.);
  • airspace analysis (loads, flight efficiency, route charges, queries, fuel consumption/gas emissions, etc.);
  • simple ATC simulation (CAPAN-like tool);
  • airspace visualisation and 3D animations (GIS map prints, movies, presentations, etc.).


SAAM provides the following outputs:

  • simulation of Europe-wide airspace structures for any AIRAC date (past and future);
  • assessment of individual airspace design projects (cost/benefit analysis, environmental impact);
  • flight 4D trajectories;
  • charts, GIS map prints, 3D movies and presentations;
  • support for FAB strategic planning;
  • support for flight efficiency.


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  4. Download the SAAM package - Access DDR web page and select "Tools download" tab. Select SAAM, download the package and install it.

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Note for users

Access to the DDR portal is restricted to ANSPs and airline operators within Europe, on the basis of the approval of a licence agreement and formal acceptance by EUROCONTROL. Airlines are allowed to download (historical or forecast) traffic data for their own fleets only. Under certain conditions, limited access can be granted to university students.

The DDR portal download and generation operations are subject to counters. This limits the number of weekly operations per user. Access to the tool cannot be shared.


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