LSSIP+ database

Local Single Sky implementation+ monitoring database

Our reporting tool for inputting data into our LSSIP Central Database

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The LSSIP database is a reporting tool enabling LSSIP focal points, national specialists and EUROCONTROL’s LSSIP contact people to input data into EUROCONTROL’s LSSIP Central Database.

Although it has some reporting functionalities, it is not a consultation tool but a working tool for inputting data into the Agency's LSSIP Central Database and so access rights are restricted.

Access conditions

Access for national stakeholders is granted to all LSSIP focal points, who also have to approve access for other national experts, if and when needed.

The arrangements for access (read-only, or read-and-write) are agreed between each contact person and the State focal point.

If you have already been granted access, use the direct link above and your OneSky Online user name and password to access the tool.

For additional information on obtaining access, please use the contact form on this page to contact us.