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Air traffic services ground voice network database

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EUROCONTROL's Air traffic services ground voice network (AGVN) database (version 3.0) allows us to administrate current numbering ranges to help with controlled migrations towards voice over internet protocol (VoIP) addressing.

It is an accurate source of the telephone numbering ranges of ECAC countries. It provides this information per country and air traffic management unit, allowing for easy allocation of terminal numbers.

The database also provides ICAO EUR States and ICAO European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG) with detailed information on the current ATM Voice situation in Europe.

Our role is to provide (VoIP) assignment (IP and SIP addressing) and legacy voice system numbering ranges for the European ATM Ground Voice Network.

Via the database, air navigation service providers (ANSPs) manage nationally assigned numbering ranges and VoIP assignments by ATM units and to allocate terminal assignments.

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