AIP and chart production tools

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The AIP/Chart production tools support AIS data providers in the publication of their national AIP and charts based on the data from static data operation (SDO).

Aeronautical Information Publication production

Generation and maintenance of official national AIS documentation: AIP, AIRAC & non-AIRAC AIP amendments and supplements, AIC and checklists for supplements and AIC. The static data information (Aerodrome, FIR, etc.) necessary for the creation of documents is copied from the SDO database to the AIP database.

The AIP production tool provides facilities to:

  • manage the different versions of a document by using the AIP manager;
  • modify a document, referring to the database;
  • generate document amendments in PDF and/or XML format.

Chart production

Chart production is used to generate and maintain aeronautical charts defined in an AIP. The static data information (Aerodrome, FIR etc.) necessary for chart creation is replicated from the SDO database to the Chart database.

The Chart Production tool provides facilities to:

  • set up a chart: defining the chart's geographical reference;
  • compose a chart: add elements from the database;
  • synchronise a chart: check chart annotation against the database;
  • update a chart: provide changes for new effective date;
  • publish a chart: create output that is ready for publication;
  • maintain chart specifications: define chart attributes, grid appearance and element symbolisation.

Access conditions

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