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Explore the evolution of en-route service units in all European states in the EUROCONTROL route charges system.

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We developed an interactive dashboard as an innovative and intuitive tool to explore the evolution of en-route service units in all European States part of EUROCONTROL's route charges system.


This dashboard presents different views of the monthly evolution of en-route service units. It is updated every month, a few days following the billing of airspace users, in accordance with EUROCONTROL billing calendar.

It consists of: 

  • the main dashboard with an interactive view of the monthly evolution of en-route service units,
  • a motion chart, which adds the absolute value and the cumulative absolute value of the month,
  • our tiles view, which give you a quick overview of the monthly evolution of en-route service units of all European States,
  • a state analysis, which allows you to understand the drivers of the monthly variations of en-route service units in a particular State for a particular month, 
  • forecast overview, which gives you insight into the predictions made in the past 10 years, as well as
  • a long term evolution, with a historical view of the annual values of total service units, flight numbers, distance flown (in km) and Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) (in tons) since 2002. 


En-route service units are calculated for each flight and used to bill airspace users for the cost of air navigation services this flight has received. In the case of specific flight, they are equal to the product of the distance flown (expressed in 100 kilometres) by the square root of the maximum take off weight of the aircraft, which performed the flight (expressed in 50 tonnes).

The evolution of en-route service units is therefore a mix of the evolution of flight numbers, the evolution of distance flown and the evolution of aircraft weight.


The dashboard is free and open to public use.

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