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A huge archive of real-life, quality data.

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At EUROCONTROL, we make use of our Europe-wide view of the aviation network to help boost research and development efforts across the sector. In addition to the wealth of daily aviation data readily available to the general public (for example on our data page), we have developed this Aviation Data Repository for Research – where researchers can access detailed datasets on aircraft trajectories and related airspace information.

20.3 Mio

flights as of April 2024

+ 3 Mio

flights/year on average


over 8 years

+ 4

months of flight data/year

A wide choice of data

In our datasets, you can find:

  • detailed flight information,
  • flight trajectories (planned and actual),
  • airspace structure, and
  • route network information.

Our datasets have a clear and intuitive structure. You can download our guide and a sample dataset below.

Free to download

Use your OneSky Online account to request access to the portal (see below). Then, downloading the data is simple (and free):

  1. log in to the portal;
  2. select your preferred data set(s);
  3. agree to the terms of use;
  4. download and use.

We provide a guide to help you make sense of the data you just downloaded. We highly recommend that you read it. The document is available on the download page, or below.

Data sources

The data is collected from commercial flights operating in and over Europe.

We enrich this data with live data from air navigation service providers' flight data systems, radar and datalink communications.

We process this data and merge additional data sources such as information about the route network at the time.

As a result, the data provided for download in our dashboard represents the best view as used by air traffic management (ATM).

A deeper dive

In this Webinar you will hear detailed explanations of the many features of the aviation data for research repository. Dr David Marsh and Dirk Schaeffer hosted an introductory session as part of the Engage network's summer school initiative.

Watch the recording

Access conditions

In order to access the Aviation Data for Research Repository, users need to first register to OneSky Online (the EUROCONTROL Extranet), then request access to the Aviation Data set itself. The repository is open for all R&D use. Please consult the Terms of Use that have to be signed-off by each individual user.