Passenger demand support service

Supporting airport to manage high traffic volatility and passenger demand.

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EUROCONTROL has recently developed a business intelligence service to help predict aircraft load factors as well as individual passenger counts per aircraft. This service aims to support airports to manage their operations based on these predictions. This is done through optimised planning and anticipation of operational issues linked to a passenger flow. Enhanced staff planning and resource allocation as such can be applied to avert operational disruptions.

How does it work?

This support service has been developed using machine learning principles through analysis of Network Manager data and through monitoring of commercial flights i.e seats offered in the market. Complementary features such as day of the week, time of the day, airline ID, or airport ID are also used to further support the passenger demand prediction accuracy

What does it provide?

The service provides users with different information views that are linked to predicted number of passengers, flights, and even cancellations. Primary objective is to provide users with the opportunity to anticipate trends in passenger volumes, which further supports operational planning and on-time performance on the day of operations linked to smooth passenger handling process. This service is available through a PowerBI dashboard.

Additionally, airports can also retrieve daily predictions through the NM B2B services. Should you be interest in subscribing to a new NM B2B Service, do not hesitate to contact us at:  [email protected], or using the contact form below.

User rights agreement

This service contains confidential and sensitive information and data, therefore it is necessary that both the user and EUROCONTROL are protected against the unauthorised use of this information and data. Details of the agreement are provided on the registration page.

Historic Load Factor provision

This Service provides high accuracy information on expected passenger predictions. One of the most important features that is used to provide these predictions is a historic load factor. Therefore, users are requested to provide the file with historic load factors on weekly basis. This functionality is available through the Airport corner environment. Further navigation on how to use this functionality is provided within the Power BI environment itself.

Remark: To use this functionality you are required to have valid OneSky Online and Airport corner accounts.

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Access conditions

The access is secured and granted to all European airport operators. To access the service, users are requested to log in following the registration process below using a professional email address. Be aware that as Power BI is a Microsoft application, a Microsoft account may be required.


Please contact us in case you need technical or business support. 

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