Pan-European repository of information supporting civil-military performance monitoring

Facilitating performance measurements, monitoring, analysis, benchmarking, reporting and review of the civil-military utilisation of airspace.

Access conditions

Our pan-European repository of information supporting civil-military performance monitoring (PRISMIL) is an on-line civil-military performance monitoring system that facilitates performance measurements, monitoring, analysis, benchmarking, reporting and review on the civil/military utilisation of airspace.

It develops and maintains a “Civil-Military ATM Performance Framework”. The system also contributes to the SESAR performance framework and related civil-military activities, all the while providing an independent and transparent civil-military performance monitoring system.


Our tool:

  • supports performance assessment of FUA operations, from civil and military perspective, by making available a combined use civil and military performance indicators under the single data-querying scheme.
  • assists the States’ NSAs in their preparation of the performance plans, supporting the implementation of the SES performance scheme in an area of civil/military dimension.
  • provides its customers with access to a single source of comprehensive and integrated high quality information usable at national, FAB and pan-European level by archiving data for further analyses and planning.


The Civil Military ATM Performance Framework comprises guidance material supporting both civil and military stakeholders in maintaining a consistent approach when implementing a civil-military performance-based partnership in ATM, while safeguarding national security and national and international defence needs. The framework offers consistent performance monitoring at national and international level. It complements the SES performance scheme, offering more comprehensive performance monitoring and assessment methods in the field of civil-military cooperation. The civil-military performance framework is an evolving document updated as the implementation of the civil-military performance-based partnership has matured. The framework is in consistence with civil-military dimension of the SESAR performance framework.   

Access conditions

PRISMIL is made available to our Member States and industry partners by:

  1. sending an official request to EUROCONTROL's Director General;
  2. once approved, a service level agreement (SLA) needs to be concluded;
  3. following a signature from both sides, the software has been installed.

The software is free of charge for our Member States. We apply a user-pays principle (UPP) for industry partners.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing or using the tool, please contact us by using our page's contact form.