Civil-Military Post-Operational Interactive Reporting Dashboard

PRISMIL-CURA supports a collaborative civil-military data-driven decision-making.

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PRISMIL-CURA supports a collaborative civil-military data-driven decision-making.

The tool provides data-centric customized dashboards facilitating the civil/military cooperation at national and regional level, reporting measures and KPIs on military demand and utilization of airspaces, impact on civil traffic, mission effectiveness.

The tool combines data from different sources (National and Network manager), supporting the development of multi-layered reports. PRISMIL-CURA is interactive: the user can either take advantage of the predefined national dashboards, or develop own reports on their specific needs and share them with other stakeholders.

Dashboards and reports can be generated at any time, with the possibility of comparing the latest archived results, with trends over several years.

Access conditions

PRISMIL is made available to our Member States and industry partners by:

  1. sending an official request to EUROCONTROL's Director General;
  2. once approved, a service level agreement (SLA) needs to be concluded;
  3. following a signature from both sides, the software has been installed.

The software is free of charge for our Member States. We apply a user-pays principle (UPP) for industry partners. A pre-condition for having access to ASM data is using as ASM tool LARA 3.1 or higher.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing or using the tool, please contact us by using our page's contact form.