Datalink Dashboards

Performance dashboards for datalink operations including ANSPs and aircraft operators.

Access conditions

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) uses the data collected by our LINK2000+ Statistics Reporting and Analysis Tool (LISAT) combined with other flight, profile and airspace data to make datalink performance dashboards available to air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and aircraft operators.

Functionality and benefits

The dashboards allow individual ANSPs or aircraft operators to look at their own performance and compare it against the European average, covering a period of the previous 12 months. Metrics provided include:

  • Provider Abort Rate;
  • Transaction Delays;
  • Error rates;
  • Message Usage;
  • Fleet equipage rate.

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Statistic analysis of datalink

Access conditions

Access to the ANSP dashboards is limited to the ANSPs providing data to NM. Access to the Aircraft Operators dashboard is open to all operators. Access in both cases is limited to performance data about their own operations and the overall average values. To request access please contact us.

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