Continuous climb and descent operations performance monitoring dashboard

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The European CCO / CDO Performance Dashboard measures CCO / CDO performance for all airports in Europe and all airlines in Europe based on the indicator recommended by the European CCO / CDO Task Force: average time in level flight.


The performance tables offers the following functionalities for CCO and CDO performance measurement:

  • Noise CCO / CDO
  • Fuel CCO / CDO
  • Total time in Ievel flight per airport / airline
  • Downloads in .csv and .pdf format
  • European CCO / CDO performance
  • CCO / CDO performance for individual airport
  • CCO / CDO performance for individual airline
  • CCO / CDO performance for individual State
  • Number of flights per airport / airline / State
  • Single airline CCO / CDO performance at multiple airports
  • Single airport CCO / CDO performance for multiple airlines
  • Colour coding of States / airports / airlines in terms of CDO fuel performance

Further functionalities will be added in the future.

Use and future development

For the best possible experience of our dashboard we'd advise to use Google's Chrome browser.

We are also working to optimise the way the dashboard functions. We are working to:

  • improve the browsing speed and processing time;
  • add ADS-B data to provide more precise results.
    The dashboard is currently populated with radar data as received from Member States on the basis of the data submission requirements of Annex VI of the performance and charging scheme regulation (EU) 2019/317
  • add an additional indicator including a filter (30 seconds) for glideslope interception level-off, in accordance with the European CCO / CDO TF recommendations;
  • add an additional indicator relating to CCO / CDO altitude;
  • add a ‘download as csv’ option for underlying data for anonymous users – this is currently available only if users are connected with their private Google account. Simply right click and select CSV download.

Access conditions

The dashboard is available online for free.

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