Aircraft communication, navigation and surveillance dashboard

Monitoring fleet capabilities and preparing PBN deployment plans.

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The aircraft CNS dashboard provides useful information for monitoring fleet capabilities and preparing PBN deployment plans. It does so by analysing the communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) and performance based navigation (PBN) information contained in ICAO flight plans FPL); it generates reports on the characteristics of aircraft or flights.


The aircraft CNS dashboard provides reports and statistics on flights and aircraft with certain capabilities, as declared in ICAO FPLs. Different periods of time, airports, airlines or aircraft types can be analysed.

Despite the varied quality of declared PBN capability in FPL, the tool provides useful information for defining PBN deployment plans and monitoring fleet capabilities. In future releases, we plan to improve the data by correlating it with sources of information other than just flight plans.

CNS Dashboard

The aircraft CNS dashboard makes use of all information on CNS and PBN capabilities as declared in the FPL since November 2012, when ICAO updated the FPL format with additional codes for items 10 and 18.

A user guide is available on request to the PBN ISG secretariat.


In order to access the aircraft CNS dashboard, users need to first register to OneSky Online, then request access to this specific tool.

Request access

To access the aircraft CNS dashboard, users should:

  1. Register to OneSky Online
    You can register to OneSky Online in a few minutes and this will allow you to access this and many other EUROCONTROL tools.
  2. Subscribe to the dashboard
    Once you have registered, log in, and click on the 'Manage' button. The page which comes up will allow you to manage the tools you are subscribed to. Find the database in the list, click on it, provide a business justification for requesting access and click on 'Subscribe'.
  3. Confirmation
    Your request will be vetted and you will receive confirmation that you can now access the tool. The time this takes depends on the team in charge and the process applied. When you have received confirmation, log in to OneSky Online, click on the tool in your list of services and enjoy.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing or using the tool, please contact us by using our page's contact form.