Making aviation more resilient.


We work with partners at a global and European level to ensure that greater interconnectivity can be delivered in a secure, resilient and trustworthy manner.

To promote cybersecurity and cyber resilience, we raise awareness and help stakeholders develop defensive capability against cyber threats. We additionally carry out threat and risk assessments, while supporting the implementation of a harmonised security approach at a European and global level.

We do this by collecting, generating and distributing relevant cyber intelligence, by coordinating pan-European responses to ATM cybersecurity alerts and incidents, by handling common procurement for cyber services for the benefit of the aviation community, and by supporting national computer emergency response teams (CERTs).


We help our stakeholders protect themselves against cyber threats.

Our European Air Traffic Management Computer Emergency Response Team (EATM-CERT) protects against cyber threats that can impact the confidentiality, integrity and availability of operational IT assets and data.

We assist our Member States and stakeholders in enhancing their capabilities to keep aviation safe, and we promote risk awareness and preparedness.

We support the aviation community in developing coordinated responses to cybersecurity threats by proactively organising workshops and information campaigns.

To help standard-setting bodies, we contribute our technical know-how in the development of standards to ensure the safety of operations.

In the framework of the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE), we are anticipating research and innovation needs for the short, medium and long term in order to reach the goals of Flightpath 2050, the European Commission’s vision document for aviation research in Europe. We have significantly contributed to the recent Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), specifying the cybersecurity research needs.

Within the SESAR2020 programme, we are performing R&D to deploy innovation into operational ATM environments. We provide (cyber)security support to the programme in several projects, including PJ 19.03 (cybersecurity) and PJ19.04 (performance).

We work with ICAO and NATO at a global level, and with EASA and EDA at a European level.

NEASCOG is our key ATM security forum with civil and military stakeholders, reporting to our Civil Military Interface Standing Committee and to the NATO Aviation Committee.

We provide guidance in areas such as the implementation of legal requirements in the field of security, in particular security oversight and security management systems.

Monitoring cybersecurity events

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Services and projects

AI as cyber-protection assistant: aviation-related document leaks


European Air Traffic Management Computer Emergency Response Team

Network management cybersecurity


Observation platform for technological and institutional consolidation of research in safety and security

SWIM common PKI and policies and procedures for establishing a Trust Framework


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