Customised support to stakeholders

Our expertise at the service of our
Member States and stakeholders.


We provide tailored support to the Member States to assist them in the implementation of the Single European Sky and to improve the performance of the pan-European aviation network.

Based on bilateral agreements, we support Member State Authorities, either individually or as a group, and we make our technical knowledge and expertise available to them and other stakeholders. We connect the Agency's pool of experts with our stakeholders to meet needs and requirements.


At EUROCONTROL, we apply a new Support to States (STS) Policy recently approved by the Permanent Commission. The new Policy widens the scope of the type of stakeholder that may be involved at the request of a State. It increases efficiency by focusing on those situations where customised support is really needed. It establishes the criteria and conditions under which Agency resources can be used to deliver support, at the request of our Member and Comprehensive Agreement States. This support is customised to individual or regional needs of the States, on top of the activities agreed by the Provisional Council for the collective benefit of all States.

Until now, our support activities have contributed significantly to enhancing States’ capabilities and to addressing the emerging needs of the States and their national stakeholders in a wide range of key topics, in which many of them have limited specialised expertise (i.e. PBN, ADQ, cybersecurity, RPAS, performance scheme, etc.). 

New support projects will continue in 2019 to address the delays suffered by the European network during the summer. They will deliver support requested by civil aviation authorities (CAAs) in matters such as the assessment of performance at specific airports or the analysis and recording of delays by air navigation service providers. A significant number of new activities are to be launched to facilitate our Comprehensive Agreement States’ convergence towards the Single European Sky.

Overall, 21 States identified a need for support under the new STS Policy for the period 2019-2021. This includes nine non-EU Member States, 10 EU Member States and both Comprehensive Agreement States.

At EUROCONTROL, we facilitate the cooperation with Member States through various collaborative developments and activities on subjects of common interest (e.g. development of generic materials and enablers) related to Single Sky implementation. We develop specific tools and deliver training and services to national authorities, the European Union and other organisations in order to accelerate the achievement of a pan-European Single Sky and to improve the overall performance of the pan-European aviation network.

In the context of cooperation activities, we also run a programme of short-term secondments for civil aviation authorities (CAAs) and national State authorities (NSAs) experts and ANSP staff.

2018 in numbers

States received customised support

800 +

working days of support


workshops in 13 States on 17 subjects



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