Customised support to stakeholders

Our expertise at the service of our
Member States and stakeholders.


We provide tailored support to the Member States to assist them in the implementation of the Single European Sky and to improve the performance of the pan-European aviation network.

Based on bilateral agreements, we support Member State authorities, either individually or as a group, and we make our technical knowledge and expertise available to them and other stakeholders. We connect EUROCONTROL's pool of experts with our stakeholders to meet needs and requirements.


At EUROCONTROL, our new Support to States (STS) policy gives more stakeholders from our Member States the opportunity to benefit from our expertise.

At the same time, we are applying a case-by-case prioritisation approach to focus our support efforts on where they are really needed.

This support is customised to the individual or regional needs of the States, on top of the activities agreed by the EUROCONTROL Provisional Council (PC) for the collective benefit of all States.

Our support programmes help stakeholders improve their ATM efficiency, enhance their capacity in key airports and associated airspaces, and reduce the impact of delays suffered by the European network. We work closely with civil aviation authorities (CAAs), assessing their performance at specific airports and advising them on the right solutions. We are enhancing our support related to improving the performance of air navigation services and network functions in the Single European Sky.

In addition, we provide and develop collaborative tools for civil aviation and national supervisory authorities (CAAs and NSAs) to help them with various tasks, from human resources management (CARMA) to performance monitoring (Plan2Match).

We support States in implementing the latest legal requirements and upcoming industry standards.

In particular, we help our Comprehensive Agreement States to develop policies which are aligned with the goals of the Single European Sky.

Our technical know-how and experience in standardisation ensure that our Member and Comprehensive Agreement States are fully compliant with the latest requirements.

In preparation for our stakeholders’ future needs, we are working on integrating new packages in support of airport operations and the increasing push for further integration into the network.

In addition, we are developing support programmes to help States and stakeholders develop measures to reduce aviation’s environmental impact. As part of our efforts, we can expect interest in the deployment of continuous climb and descent operations (CCO/CDO).

in 2019

Our support activities contributed to significantly enhancing State capabilities

Through our know-how, we helped address the emerging needs of States in various areas, from ADQ and cybersecurity to PBN and UAS.


States received customised support

900 +

working days of support





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