Fleet declaration

In order to calculate the weight factor for billing, airspace users are requested to declare the composition of their fleet to the EUROCONTROL Central Route Charges Office (CRCO). Changes should be declared during the month in which they occur. For more information please refer to the latest Information Circulars and to the Article 6.1 of the General Conditions of Application. 

For your fleet declarations to EUROCONTROL we recommend to use the Central Route Charges Office Extranet for airspace users (CEFA). CEFA is available free of charge and enables you to consult or modify your declared fleet data online. For more details and to get access, please consult the CEFA page. If you are registered already, please go directly to the CEFA login page.

For sporadic updates of just one aircraft or very small fleets, you may use the form below.

Postal address
Postal address
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