Effective cost-recovery system


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 Effective cost-recovery system


EUROCONTROL collects route charges on behalf of its Member States through its Central Route Charges Office (CRCO). The CRCO runs an effective and centralised system which ensures that these charges – essential to the funding of the European air traffic management system – are recovered. Our services include billing, collecting and disbursing route charges to Member States. We also offer similar services for terminal navigation charges and communication charges for Member States, as well as air navigation charges (en-route and terminal) for non-Member States.

Our route charges system is a regional cost-recovery system, in line with ICAO’s charging policies and the Single European Sky regulations. ​​​We bill airspace users on a monthly basis, collect charges and distribute the amounts collected to the States and air navigation service providers.

The EUROCONTROL route charges system is


Only air traffic management related costs are charged in accordance with the EUROCONTROL Principles


A single bill per month is prepared for airspace users for all their flights in the airspace of the States part of the route charges system


Low collection costs thanks to economies of scale and a high recovery rate


Charges are calculated with the same rules and applied to all parties


A common policy for all States

Fraud warning

Individuals may try to communicate bank account numbers by e-mail. We never communicate bank account numbers by e-mail. Any payments for charges must be made to the bank account numbers mentioned on our bills. Be suspicious of billing information you receive via email, especially if you are asked for financial information about your account or if a new bank account is communicated to you! We have no plans to change our bank accounts, so report any such information. Contact us for more information.

In 2018
9+ billion

billed in charges


airspace users worldwide

99.80 %

recovery rate for route charges


Airspace users flying in the controlled airspace of EUROCONTROL’s Member States have to pay for the services provided by air navigation service providers (ANSPs). Airspace users are billed route charges calculated on the basis of unit rates established by States and applied as from 1 January each year. For more information see:

The billing is organised around a publicly available schedule. Each month, airspace users are charged with a single amount per flight, regardless of how many States they overflew. We send our bills by post and make them available for download via our secured extranet CEFA. Some States may exempt certain flights from the payment of charges in accordance with their laws and regulations.

Airspace users have to pay their EUROCONTROL bills within 30 days of the bill’s issue date.  Interest on late payment will be applied to airspace users paying late. Late payment may also result in enforced recovery measures.

Payments should be made exclusively to the specific bank accounts listed on EUROCONTROL bills. Payments can be effected by bank transfer or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). ​​​Learn more about how to pay via credit card in our document.

If you believe that you have been incorrectly billed, you can submit a claim within 60 days from the date of the bill, together with the relevant supporting evidence. Once the CRCO has received the claim, it will be assessed in coordination with the national authorities concerned. To facilitate the submission of claims, the following form is available:

Key documents



Central Route Charges Office Extranet for airspace users


Route per State overflown distance tool

Service units dashboard

Keep your info up-to-date

If you have started operating in the EUROCONTROL zone or if you want to inform us about a change in your contact details, you are requested to fill in the form below. You can consult the information we already have on record via our Central Route Charges Office Extranet for airspace users (CEFA).

To establish the weight factor for billing, airspace users are requested, at least once a year, to make a declaration of their fleet composition. To do so, just update your fleet data on CEFA. If you don’t yet have a CEFA account, just fill out the form below - you can use it at any time to inform us about changes to your fleet composition.

Our services to states and ANSPS

We offer a wide range of services to States and ANSPs interested in being part of our charging system


The route charges system is governed by the EUROCONTROL Convention and the Multilateral Agreement relating to Route Charges.

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