COVID-19 impact on the European air traffic network

At EUROCONTROL, we are working hard to support our partners during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Comprehensive assessment

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, EUROCONTROL is publishing a regular comprehensive assessment of the latest traffic situation in Europe and provides a comparison to the same period in 2019.

Traffic variation between 2020 and 2019

Comprehensive assessment

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, EUROCONTROL is publishing a regular comprehensive assessment of the latest traffic situation in Europe and provides a comparison to the same period in 2019.

Flights on 22 June 2020
Flights vs 2019
Busiest airlines
Turkish Airlines
Wizz Air
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Traffic scenarios

With a coordinated approach recovery can start mid-June but if not, it will take longer.

EUROCONTROL Draft Traffic Scenarios - 24 April 2020 (base year 2019)

Before and after

Our overview provides information on the impact of the pandemic on the traffic situation in Europe and how it has changed compared to last year. This snapshot shows the massive drop in air traffic across European skies.

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Situation over Spain and Portugal

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Situation in the Turkish sky

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Situation in the Italian sky

03 April 2020 vs 05 April 2019


Situation in the French sky

01 April 2020 vs 03 April 2019



Latest info on the impact of COVID-19 on the European network.
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State and airline response to COVID-19

With this summary, we keep you updated on the latest measures taken by European States and major European airlines, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The data is collected from airlines, official NOTAMs, as well as national and Europe-wide news organisations. For questions and corrections, please contact us.

State Recent and future developments
EU27 Intra–EU and Schengen borders re-open from 15/6 unless specified by State (info available at Nationals allowed to enter EU27 from 16th July (13 "green states"): DZ, AU, CA, GE, JP, MA, NZ, RW, KR, TH, TN, UY and CN (subject to reciprocity). Updates every 2 weeks.
Albania No updates yet – download our full response summary for more information.
Armenia Scheduled int’l flights prohibition extended -15/8 [8/7]. No foreign pax flights with exceptions (quarantine applies) (-13/8) [13/7].
Austria Flights prohibited from AL, BY, BA, BG, CN, EG, IR, MD, ME, MK, PT, RO, RU, RS, SE, UA and GB (16/7-31/7). Pax may enter AT without test or quarantine from Schengen area, except from a risk areas or from outside Schengen where proof of recent negative test is required  (13/7-30/9).
Azerbaijan Resumption of int’l flights (max 150 pax with negative test document) conditional on infection rate and govt. approval (-31/8). Negative test document mandatory for foreign nationals (-15/9) [16/6]. 14-day quarantine mandatory (-15/9) [22/7].
Belgium Travel prohibited outside of EU and Schengen states + GB, NO, LI, CH, AD, MC, VA and SM (15/6-). Traffic-light system for travel advice and quarantine requirements with daily advice (9/7-). Mandatory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) to be filled for pax arriving at BRU and OST from non-Schengen/high risk areas (within EU) (until 31/8 for BRU, until 1/8 for OST).
Self-isolation for all arrivals. Foreign nationals banned, with exc. to -15/8  except for pax from BA, RS, ME, HR and for pax from EU and Schengen areas with negative COVID test no older than 48h at the time of entry (16/7-15/8)
Bulgaria Entry of Pax from EU States, Schengen, GB, IE, SM, AD, MC, VA, + 13 EU green states (see EU27) allowed (15/7-31/7).  Transit of pax allowed for same states + RS, MK, BA, ME, TR and AL (15/7-31/7). Negative recent test or quarantine for pax from SE, PT and third countries (15/7-)
Croatia Open for EU/EEA nationals (1/7-). Mandatory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) to be filled for all arriving pax (-31/7).
Cyprus All flights allowed until 31/7. Inbound pax require 'Cyprusflight pass' prior to boarding, extended to 20/10 [22/7]. Delivery of a pass subject to epidemiological situation of the country of origin and negative test (-31/7) [30/6].
Czech Republic Schengen flights from any airport [2/7]. Pax allowed from EU+ EU green States (see EU27), quarantine for arrivals from high-risk areas. [2/7]
Denmark Pax allowed from EU/EEA (except SE, PT and LU), Schengen, GB. Opened to AU, CA, JP, NZ, KR, TH, TN, UR, GE (-30/8) [22/7]. Regular update of the list of opened countries.
Estonia Pax with no-COVID symptoms allowed from EU, Schengen, GB as well as the 13 "green states" (excl. CN). Quarantine for travellers from a State with COVID-19 infection rate>15 (list updated by Estonian authorities). Flights from airports in LU, PT, SE, BG, RO, RU, BY, AZ, MN, AL, BA, RS, MK, HR prohibited (-extended to 31/8) [28/7].
Finland Traffic between Schengen EU States and FI unrestricted but border control for AT, ES, LU, PT, PL, FR, SE, SI, CH, CZ (necessary travel reasons needed otherwise self-quarantine). For non-Schengen EU member States, same restrictions for BG, HR, RO, GB and MC. For all other States except GE, JP, NZ, RW, KR, TH, TN, UR, CN , self-quarantine is recommended when arriving in Finland (27/7-25/8). Link.
France See EU27 for travel restrictions. Voluntary quarantine for arrivals from GB [9/7]. Completed International Travel Certificate to be presented for third countries except AD, AU, CA, GE, JP, KR, MC, NZ, RW, CH, TH, TN, GB, UR or any EEA Member State. Travel to the French oversea territories no longer restricted, but <72h negative PCR test mandatory. Travel to YT and GF possible with justification (-31/7).  [28/7]
Georgia International scheduled flights restricted extended (-31/8) except for flights (passengers) from EE, FR, DE, LV and LT. Flights only allowed between TBS and CDG, MUC and RIX (13/7-31/7). Passengers not allowed to enter GE except nationals/residents of HR, CY, GE, GR, IS, IT, LU, NL, PL, PT, RO, SI, ES and SE (-31/8) [28/7].
Germany Entry restrictions for non-EU pax flights extended (-15/10) [22/7]. Pax allowed from AU, GE, JP, CA, ME, NZ, KR, TH, TN, UY and CN from 2/7. Quarantine mandatory for pax from risk areas [1/7].  Flights from IR prohibited -22/9. Sched. flight operations at Tegel airport to end on 8/11 [15/6].
Greece EU and Schengen pax (13/6-) +  EU27 additional countries (see EU27) except CN pax allowed subject to random tests (-31/7), others not allowed. No AL, MK, TR flights (-31/7). Mandatory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) to be filled before departure (6/7-31/8)
Hungary Pax from BG, GB, NO, RU, PT, RO, RS, SE, JP, CN and US allowed in with screening and quarantine or without restrictions if 2 negative tests within the last 5 days are available. Other EU states + IS, KR, CH, LI, VA, MC and AD are allowed in without restrictions (15/7-2/8)
Ireland PLF form must be complete upon arrival. Quarantine on arrivals for all except for pax from CY, EE, FI, GR, GI, GL, HU, IT, LV, LT, MT,NO, MC, SM, SK (21/7-9/8). Non-essential travel should be avoided.
Israel International flights to IL allowed at Ben Gurion airport only (12/4-extended 1/9). Foreign pax denied entry (20/5-extended 1/9) [24/7].
Italy EU/Schengen, GB, AD, MC, VC, SM tourists allowed with no restriction (14/6-). 15 European green third states (see EU27) minus CN are also allowed in without restrictions (1/7-), except if they have transited through high-risk countries in the last 2 weeks.
Latvia Quarantine on arrivals subject to infection rate of the country of origin (19/6-31/8) [23/6]
Lithuania Entry allowed from states in the EU green list (see EU27), except from SE, LU, PT, BG and RO (13/7-). Quarantine on arrivals subject to infection rate of the country of origin (19/6-) [13/7]
Luxembourg No limitation for EU, Schengen, UK.
Malta Pax allowed from EU and EU green states except ME, RS, GE and DZ (15/7-31/8) and Pax allowed from LB, ID, AE, TR and JO (15/7-31/8).
Moldova International flights allowed (15/6-31/8) from states with reciprocity measures [23/6].
Montenegro Countries in 3 groups: first one entry/flights allowed without condition, second group allowed with negative test, third group not allowed (with Exceptions) (12/7-29/7).
Morocco State of medical emergency (20/3-10/7). Resumption of domestic flights (25/6-) [25/6]. Border closed -10/8 [15/7]. Int'l flights resumption not before 11/8. Negative PCR test mandatory for arrivals when traffic resumes [14/7]
Netherlands EU/Schengen pax allowed. Health Screening Form mandatory when travelling to/from a Dutch airport. 14-day quarantine advised for SE, RO, BG, 2 areas in ES, 1 area in PT, 1 area in GB and all other travellers (-7/10) [28/7].
North Macedonia Borders reopened (27/6-). Skopje and Ohrid airports reopen from 1/7. No quarantine, no test [26/6].
Norway Borders closed (16/3-20/8), partial re-opening for countries in Europe. EU/EEA/Schengen pax allowed except for pax from BG, HR, HU, LU, PT, RO parts of SE (15/7-10/10)[22/7]. 10-day quarantine on arrival (except for pax from regions in SE, several countries in EU/EE/Schengen area).
Poland Borders opened (13/6-) for EU citizens without quarantine [10/6]. Flights allowed from EU/EFTA, CH (excl. SE, PT), ME, GE, JP, CA, AL, KR, UA (-28/7).
Portugal Open to flights from EU + LI, NO, IS, CH, GB, DZ, CA, CN, KR, MU and TU without restrictions (16/7-31/7). Flights from US, GW, AO, CV, GQ, MZ, ST, TL and BR allowed for essential travel only and negative test required upon arrival (16/7-31/7)
Romania Flights prohibited from and to states that are not exempted of quarantine, except for repatriation or seasonal work (16/7-15/8). All other flights allowed - currently same states as in EU27, except SE, PT, LU, ME, RS and CN - list updated on a weekly basis (16/7-15/8)
Serbia No updates yet – download our full response summary for more information.
Slovakia No international flights (with exceptions) extended until 20/10 except from EU and associated states (except from SE, PT, GB and RO) and from AU, CN, JP, ME, NZ and KR [28/7]. Mandatory negative PCR test upon arrival when recent travel in a risk area and quarantine (6/7-).  
Slovenia International flights only to LJU, MBX, POW, except from epidemiologically safe countries in EU/Schengen area (-28/7). No quarantine for epidemiologically safe countries, others quarantined (8/6-28/7). List of "epidemiologically safe countries" contains 35 states from 17/7.
Spain Tourists from EU/Schengen, AD, MC, VA, SM can visit (21/6-31/7). Borders to third countries re-opened for green states identified by EU or list amended by ministry of interior (-31/7). Pax on intl flights must complete a Public Health Form on-line or on paper (1/7-). See UK from recent restrictions on travelling to Spain continental&islands [27/7].
Sweden Borders opened for EU and Schengen passengers (+ from AD, MC, VA, SM and CH) (15/6-) and closed for others (-31/8)
Switzerland Pax not allowed to enter CH directly from any foreign country outside of the Schengen area, CH or LI (-30/9). 10-day quarantine for pax who have been in risk areas in the 14 days prior to their arrival (-20/8).
Turkey Medical examination mandatory upon arrival and testing if symptoms. Need of a valid personal code (HES) granted by Ministry of Health for domestic travel (12/6-). Suspension of flights to/from IR and AF from 18/7 [24/7].
Ukraine Possible testing on arrival 15/6- [1/6]. Entry for foreign pax (15/6-) with health insurance that covers COVID-19 care and quarantine, 14-day quarantine mandatory for pax from countries “in the red zone” (more than 40 active COVID-19 cases per 100k people, list updated regularly by UA authorities).
United Kingdom Quarantine on arrival (23/6-4/9). Quarantine relaxed for  ~50 states (list at, based on local prevalence (10/7-4/9), but Scotland differs (eg ES not included) [9/7]. Foreign Office advised against all non-essential travel to Spain (incl. Balearic and Canaries):  14-day self-isolation when returning to UK (28/7-) [27/7].
Russia Borders to start re-opening from 15/7. Proof of negative COVID test, or testing upon arrival, quarantine only if test positive. Borders will be opened to other countries based on the principle of reciprocity [14/7]. Travel abroad discouraged during the summer [26/5].

For brevity we use the two-letter ISO country codes - learn more here. We also use the following terms:
Lockdown - Closure of schools, shops, restaurants, cinemas. Typically food shops, pharmacies remain open. Outdoor exercising and gatherings of people can be banned (varies from one State to another). Some States put restrictions on leaving home. Sometimes going to work is OK, in other countries not allowed.
Borders closed - Except to nationals of the State, or those with a residence permit

Airline Recent and future developments Flights share
Aegean Restored 40% of its network operation in July (vs July 2019). By August, plans to reach ~50% of original schedule, equivalent to ~1,600 fl/week [21/7]. 0.5%
Aer Lingus Stobart Air to resume int'l Aer Lingus Regional operations during Q3 [12/6]. European operations to ES, IT and PT restart (1/7-). Reduced transatlantic schedules to NY, Boston and Chicago [30/6]. 0.8%
airBaltic Flight capacity reduced by 50% (15/4-30/10). Plans to operate ~50 European destinations in July [19/6]. Rising to 69 by end August, and 89 in Summer 2021 [8/7]. Started to codeshare with Icelandair on US destinations from mid-July [22/7]. 0.6%
Air Dolomiti Resumes flights from IT to FRA & MUC (15/6-) & to DUS, BER (30/7-) [13/7]. 0.2%
Air France Plans to operate 35% of original plan in July and 40% in August. Then, 50% by end September, 60% by end October to serve 170 destinations, 85% of its usual network [12/7]. Plan to operate 80% of its initial plan in 2021 (vs 2019) [12/6]. 3.2%
Air Malta Plans to operate 22 European destinations (1/7-) [18/6]. 0.2%
Air Moldova Plans to operate ~80 weekly flights across 20 routes to ES, DE, IT, IE, TK, CY, PT, UK, RU, FR, IL & GR from July [9/6]. 0.1%
Air Serbia Gradually operates 37 European and 2 intercontinental destinations from Belgrade (16/6-12/7), reaching 350 flights per week mid-July [22/6]. 0.3%
Alitalia Expects 52 routes in July (+ 60% vs. June) [12/6]. Will operate 1,000 flts/week in July (already 1,300 3-9/7)  and targets 40% capacity in Q3 [20/5]. Will operate 1,600 flts/week in August (+24% vs July) to 75 routes (+24 vs July) and 52 airports (+16 vs July) [10/7] 1.9%
Austrian Airlines Expects 25%-50% of demand for S20 (vs S19). Will reduce capacity 20% to 60 aircraft by 2022 [21/4]. By 31/10, will double current offer to ~40% of 2019 schedule [9/7]. VIE-SZG replaced by train [3/7]. Cancels 15 routes due to new travel restrictions (16/7-31/7) 1.4%
Blue Air Resumed flights on 7/7 to GB, IT, ES and BE following the lift of restrictions with a flights program of ~250 flights/week [8/7]. Takes preventive measures seek agreement with creditors and avoid bankrupcy [7/7]. 0.3%
British Airways IAG plans ~45% of capacity Q3, ~70% Q4 (vs 2019). Serves 8 domestic & 23 long-haul routes from LHR in July: ~320 weekly flights [4/6]. Will increase long-haul routes to 40 in August [30/6]. CityFlyer plans 112 departures from LCY in July, ie 9 routes, 5% of previous plan [30/6]. CityFlyer likely to close EDI base [24/7].  BAW to operate >80 European routes (19/7-) [21/7]. 3.0%
Brussels Airlines Plans 30% European and 40% long-haul schedules for S20 (vs plan) [26/5]. Network reduced to 45 EU & 14 long-haul routes (15/6-) [26/5]. 45% of normal schedule in early autumn [1/7]. Some delay to long-haul return, expected 2nd week August [15/7]. State-aid granted [21/7]. 0.8%
Croatia Airlines Expects to reach ~35 destinations (3/7-) [6/7]. Some nordic routes initially planned will not be served as CRJ1000 not leased [30/6]. 0.3%
Czech Airlines Operates 16 routes in July to 14 states [14/7] 0.3%
easyJet Plans 50% of initially scheduled routes in July and 75% in August [3/6]. Plans 500 flights/day in Europe equivalent to 900 flights/week to/from 14 UK airports (1/7-) [25/6]. May close STN, NCL, SEN bases in UK [1/7]. Will add 100 routes to its July schedule (1/8-) [17/7]. 6.2%
El Al Flight suspension until further notice linked to labour dispute (1/7-31/8)[16/7]. Government bail out (6/7) [9/7]. 0.1%
Eurowings Plans to operate up to 80% of flights in summer, with 30% to 40% of capacity already planned for July [4/6] 2.4%
Finnair Operates 25% of its capacity July (vs July 2019). Plans to operate ~50% in August [24/7]. Resumed its operations to PVG (23/7-). 1.3%
Iberia Short-/medium-haul resumption in July: 25 EU routes confirmed, 14 long-haul flights in plan. Additional frequencies may be added from mid-July [7/7] 1.3%  Will start again operations from 15/7  with ~200 routes planned (15/7-26/8) [13/7]. To start again routes between Scotland and  Spain (continental, islands) from 25/7 now exempted from quarantine requirements [20/7]. 0.9%
KLM Anticipates to operate 54% of its 2019 capacities in Aug., 70% in Sep. 74% in Oct. [23/7]. Nb of routes to be served on European network similar to 2019 (91 routes vs 92). Slightly less nb of routes on long-haul (59 vs 69) [23/7]. Resumed pax flights to PVG (21/7-). 2.4%
LOT Operates ~37 EU destinations in July [30/6]. Resumed intl flights to EU states and CA (1/7-), KR (3/7-) and JP (3/7-). Plans to operate in July and August to ~70 destinations [2/7]. Interim Intl flight schedule -31/8 includes 10 routes [9/7]. 1.3%
Lufthansa Group expects 70% (intercontinental) and 90% (continental) destinations served by Autumn 2020, ie 380 aircraft [1/7]. Will retire 6 A380s, 5 B747-400s (long-haul), 11 A320s (short-haul) [4/6]. Max 80 new aircraft to 2023 for Group, a 50% cut [8/7]. 5.1%
Gradual restart (14/6-) with ~20 weekly flights across 9 routes (SI, DE, AT, FR, CH, DK) operated by end-June [8/6]. 0.1%
Plans 3% capacity short-haul only (Apr20-Mar21), gradual increase to reach pre-COVID level by 2022 [27/4]. Resumes int’l flights (76 EU routes) (1/7-) [16/6]. Plans to operate 758 weekly flights in July [30/6].  Cancels 97-aircraft orders [30/6] 2.1%
Pegasus Will resume flights between STN to TLV via SAW from 15/7 (3 times/week) [9/7] 1.6%
Royal Air Maroc Domestic flights resumed (25/6-). Intl flights to resume 11/8- [14/7]. Priority to Moroccan residents and citizens for departures  from Morocco [13/7]. 0.2%
Ryanair Group Expects 50% of planned pax for FY2021. Lauda to close its Stuttgart base 30/10- [16/7]. Plans 40% sched. flights from 1/7, 60% from 1/8 and possibly 70% from 1/9 [27/7].  Cuts 1,000 IE to and from GB flights in Aug. and Sep. due to quarantine restrictions in IE [15/7]. Will close HHN base and possibly TXL and DUS by the end of the summer [21/7]. 8.5%
SAS Expects 35-40 aircraft in use this Summer (v.150, ~25%). No full return before 2022 [30/6]. Around 10 new routes to be added from Mid-July to GB, DE, CH and IE [7/7] 3.0%
Sunexpress Resumed domestic flights from 1/6 and international flights from 11/6 [15/6]. Sunexpress Germany ceased operations from 26/6. Expects serve a route network of 51 destinations in Turkey and abroad in August [28/7]. 0.6%
Swiss In Autumn, expects to serve 85% of destinations and 33% of flights [3/6]. Plans to resume pax service to Mainland China, subject to approval [30/6]. 12 new European routes in July from ZRH, 24 from GVA; 11 long-haul routes from ZRH, 17 by October. [1/7] 1.4%
TAP Resumed flights to IT, ES and other destinations, up to 240 weekly flights (would be ~2,500 under normal conditions) (1/7-) [25/5]. 1.3%
Transavia Transavia NL expects to reach >60 destinations (-1/8). Operates 90 routes as of 12/7. Transavia France resumed operations to its 4 bases in France with 86 routes as of 12/7. All routes pending travel restrictions [15/7]. 0.4%
TUI Airlines 25% of flights to be cancelled this summer [10/6]. TUI DE plans to reduce fleet by 50% and drop long-haul flights [10/6]. TUI fly BE proposed 45 destinations, only to Europe in July [10/7]. Will operate 6 routes from Abu Dhabi from October [12/7]. 0.6%
Turkish Airlines Plans to operate 572 weekly flights in July and 937 in August and September [26/5]. Restarted flights to China end of June. Resumed flights to US (19/6-). Extended interim schedule into August 2020 published, subject to travel restrictions [8/7]. Plans to serve 211 destinations in July/August [17/7]. 4.3%
Ukraine Int'l Resumption of 3 domestic routes (1-30/7) and 24 international routes (1/7-) [25/6]. Current operations cover 14 routes (3/7-), more to be added in August [7/7]. 0.5%
Virgin Atlantic Will fly 24 destinations from S21. Restarted pax flights to HKG, JFK, LAX, BGI, PVG, SFO, TLV, MIA and more destinations from 20/7 [24/7]. Plans 17 additional destinations from August [22/6]. 0.1%
Volotea Offers 165 domestic routes for Summer, starting back flights in France (17/6-), Italy and Greece(18/6-) as well as Spain (25/6-) [18/6]. Opened new base in Naples on 3 July from where it will operate flights to 9 destinations in Italy and 8 abroad [4/7] 0.6%
Vueling Plans to operate 180 routes in Europe with nearly 2,000 weekly flights in July [30/6]. This will include 72 direct routes from Barcelona to be operated in the coming months to ES, GB, BE, IT, PT, DE, CH and Nordic countries [6/7] 2.2%
Widerøe Flies 41 destinations in Norway and 8 in Europe. 1.2%
Wizz Announced over 190 additional routes launch for summer 2020 [10/7]. Will add from St Petersburg 9 routes to EU states in August and September, 5 routes to IT in Winter 2020-21 [15/7]. Flies 14 new routes from Ukraine to Italy [20/7]. 2.2%
Other airlines Aeroflot Group planning, by 2027/2028, to transition Aeroflot as a widebody-only fleet while Pobeda and Rossiya would fly all the regional and narrowbody aircraft [16/7]. 34.3%