Performance-based navigation

A key airspace and airport interoperability enabler.

Performance-based navigation (PBN) implementation in Europe is a key enabler for increasing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, increasing capacity, and improving airport access. These improvements will help us achieve performance targets and meet operational needs in European airspace, as well as achieving global interoperability for both civil and military operations.

Our role

EUROCONTROL contributes to PBN implementation by:

  • supporting the evolution of the PBN concept on the ICAO level;
  • bridging the gap between concept, technical complexity and European operational reality through PBN seminars and workshops;
  • ensuring common PBN application when supporting PBN deployment so as to improve the European air traffic service route network performance (EUR ARN) and develop PBN arrival and departure routes;
  • ensuring the availability of robust and resilient PBN infrastructure to provide positioning to aircraft using DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) and GNSS;
  • developing awareness and information material with stakeholders to allow them to develop GNSS contingency procedures and reversion mechanisms to ensure continuity of PBN;
  • helping ANSPs develop infrastructure optimisation plans by providing a methodology for the elaboration of a minimum operational network (MON);
  • supporting the implementation of RNP approaches;
  • incorporating lessons learned into PBN-related SESAR work packages, which can then be tailored to future network needs.

From a military perspective, we promote close cooperation between civil and military organisations in order to ensure civil-military harmonisation for the use of airspace by State aircraft. Taking into account the specific needs of military users, we provide guidance to civil-military integration on alternative solutions and on their impact. We also contribute to a seamless civil and military approach in the navigation domain in preparation for 2020 and beyond.

Finally, we lead the EUROCONTROL Navigation Steering Group (NSG) and the EUROCONTROL RNP Approach implementation Support Group (RAiSG) and make significant contributions to the EUROCONTROL CNS-Team and the Network Operations Team.

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EUROCONTROL courses related to PBN

  • Performance-based navigation (PBN) awareness package - NAV-PBN AWR
  • Performance based navigation (PBN) for ECAC - Introduction to PBN - NAV-PBN
  • Airspace Concept Workshop for PBN Implementation - NAV-AIR
  • Navigation infrastructure assessment using DEMETER - Introduction - NAV-DEM-INTRO
  • Navigation infrastructure assessment using DEMETER - Advanced - NAV-DEM-ADV

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