Electronic aeronautical information publication

The electronic aeronautical information package (eAIP) concept was created to increase, standardise and harmonise the use of automation in aeronautical information services (AIS) and to gradually replace the paper elements of the AIS products. It was designed to enable the harmonised visualisation of the contents of the aeronautical information package when provided by the national AIS in electronic form.


The implementation of an electronic AIP has advantages for both the organisation producing the eAIP and for its users.

For users:

  • possibility to visualise changes, both in text and graphics;
  • no maintenance effort;
  • no postal delays when distributed through the Internet or equivalent private networks;
  • available at hand for the whole company (no need to go to the library);
  • easy archiving;
  • proven authenticity of the document (if digitally signed by the issuing AIS).

For producers:

  • better AIP (consistency, integrity , usability);
  • the majority of the subscribers do not need to ask for paper amendments;
  • technological leap forward;
  • reduced risk and cost as compared to isolated development;
  • reduced costs for internal copies;
  • easier to create integrated/regional AIPs;
  • easy archiving (better support for legal proceedings);
  • possibility to guarantee the integrity and the authenticity of the document through digital signatures.

It shall be kept in mind that the eAIP Specification models the AIP document and it is intented to facilicate the on-screen presentation. It is not a data exchange specification such as AIXM.


Specification and implementation

Since the introduction of the first version of the eAIP concept in 2006, EUROCONTROL, through the Regulatory and Advisory Framework (ERAF), developed an eAIP Specification and provides support for its implementation through the European AIS Database (EAD) system. Since November 2004, the European AIS Database (EAD) is able to store and offer for consultation electronic AIP complying with the EUROCONTROL eAIP Specification.

The specification was -  and still is - fully compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements for AIP content and structure, as laid down in the Annex 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation - Aeronautical Information Services and the new PANS-AIM (ICAO DOC 10066). eAIP Specification 2.0 offers the means of compliance with the ICAO specific requirements for the provision of “electronic AIP” and is freely available for the general public on the EUROCONTROL website. It is used by States and organisations worldwide.

Supporting materials

Supporting materials on eAIP are available in the AIM-SWIM repository of deliverables on OneSkyTeams, which is part of the AIM-SWIM collaboration space.