We support our Member States, the Network Manager and relevant SESAR projects to enhance the capacity, flexibility, efficiency, safety and security of the European aviation network for the benefit of both civil and military users.

Airspace users need to work closely together to ensure that the airspace is used properly at all times. That is why the flexible use of airspace (FUA) concept and airspace management (ASM) coordination are key priorities for us. Related activities include:

  • enhancing civil-military collaborative decision-making;
  • increasing civil-military Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) interoperability;
  • coordinating civil-military aspects in the SESAR programme;
  • ensuring seamless military integration into the network;
  • improving and promoting ATM security;
  • organising training courses on the European ATM institutional framework for civil-military ATM cooperation.

While accommodating military aviation requirements, we manage a number of activities and services such as:

Latest news

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