Brand identity

EUROCONTROL has become a recognisable brand in aviation, both in Europe and worldwide.


This page provides an overview of EUROCONTROL’s visual identity focussing one its key graphic elements: the logo, the typeface and colours.


The colours of the EUROCONTROL logo form the foundation of our brand personality.

Consistent use of our brand colours increases our brand recognition. When communicating through any medium - physical or digital - use only the approved colours. When the specified colour values cannot be used, strive for the best match possible.

Prussian blue

  • RGB: 0,51,102
  • CMYK: 100,50,0,60
  • HEX: #003366

Blue de france

  • RGB: 41,144,234
  • CMYK: 82,38,0,8
  • HEX: #2990EA


Consistent use of typography will help build a recognisable identity for EUROCONTROL.

A sans-serif typeface - Roboto - has been chosen to represent us. Roboto is a free web font commissioned by Google and optimised for web and mobile interfaces. When our official font is not available or cannot be used, the best alternatives are Arial and Helvetica.

Roboto font


To ensure consistent representation of our brand identity, please adhere to the guidelines.

Contact us

Please contact us for any question you may have on EUROCONTROL's branding and use of our logo.