Katia Camarena

Secretary to the EUROCONTROL Provisional Council and Permanent Commission and Head of the Central Secretariat
Katia Camarena

Katia Camarena is Secretary to the Provisional Council and Permanent Commission of EUROCONTROL and Head of the Central Secretariat. She is in charge of managing the secretariat support to the deliberative bodies of the Organisation.

She joined EUROCONTROL in January 2000, to support CEATS groups, the European ATFM Group (EAG) and Chief Executive Standing Conference (CESC), subsequently replaced by the Air Navigation Services Board (ANSB). In 2008, she was appointed Conference Secretary to the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF), the Pension Fund Supervisory Board (PFSB) and Maastricht Coordination Group (MCG), amongst other advisory groups.

Prior to joining EUROCONTROL, she worked in the sector of irrigation and founded an import business.

Katia has a diploma in International Trade, followed by a course on International Relations in a business school in Paris.