Iacopo Prissinotti

Director Network Management
Iacopo Prissinotti

Iacopo Prissinotti is Director of the Network Management Directorate as from 1 July 2019.

He brings to this role over 30 years of experience in air traffic management and air navigation services, occupying a series of senior leadership roles in strategic, technical and operational roles.

Starting his career with the Italian military as a tower and approach controller, Iacopo joined ENAV, the Italian air navigation service provider, in 1988 as an air traffic controller. He then progressed through a series of managerial roles, heading Scenarios & Strategies, then International Activities, and finally leading the International Strategies division between 2011 and 2019.

During this time, he served on many key ATM governance boards, committees and steering boards, playing a leading role in the development of a series of key European aviation initiatives, including the creation of major multinational alliances.

Iacopo has a proven track record at bringing together institutions, organisations and stakeholders, and delivering large and complex system adaptations. During an important period of change, he has been tasked with driving the ambitious objectives of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM), and will be steering its evolution to meet the new tasks conferred by the European Commission’s decision to reappoint EUROCONTROL as the NM for the period 2020-2029, and with a strengthened mandate.