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Supporting European aviation to build back sustainably.

Green-tipped airplane flying over green fields (Sustanability)

At EUROCONTROL, we actively facilitate a pan-European stakeholder collaborative approach to respond effectively to aviation’s sustainability challenges, such as the ones identified in the European Green Deal, to optimise air traffic management and the wider aviation sector.

We contribute to environment research and innovation programmes to reduce the impact of noise, CO2 and other emissions, as well as condensation trails on the environment.

We operate EU’s ETS and CORSIA support facilities to help national authorities and aircraft operators meet their reporting obligations.

We develop innovative state-of-the-art data-driven suites of models to assess environmental impacts and develop scenarios.

We contribute to increasing operational environmental performance by developing advanced metrics, best practices, tailored trainings and topical webinars to increase awareness in aviation sustainability.

All of our green services to support ECAC Member States and operational stakeholders are set to be brought together under our EUROCONTROL FlyingGreen platform - a cornerstone of EUROCONTROL’s corporate programme Raising the Bar: Building "EUROCONTROL 2030".

Data & metrics

Our network-wide view of the European ATM network generates a wealth of data that we make available to our stakeholders. This knowledge and our experience empowers us to advise stakeholder on performance improvements, with particular attention to reducing noise, emissions and climate impacts.

Use of sustainable aviation fuels in European States (ECAC) and airports

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European distribution of CO₂ emissions in the past month

This is monthly data per State. Source: EUROCONTROL Central Route Charges Office (CRCO)

Impact assessment tools

We are constantly developing and improving our modelling tools to meet the needs of our stakeholders.


Airport local air quality studies


Integrated aircraft noise and emissions modelling platform


Advanced emission model

Contributing to an informed debate

Achieving a more sustainable aviation sector requires all actors to exchange views in an open forum where they can learn from each other, agree on common directions and put their acts together. Through our key products, we aim to contribute to an informed debate drawing on our knowledge, wealth of aviation data as well as our cooperation with all partners in the aviation sector.

Aviation Sustainability Briefing Issue 9

Aviation Sustainability Briefing

News and views on how we can make aviation sustainable together

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Our Think Papers explore the impact of key issues on European aviation.

Stakeholder Forum

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on sustainability topics

Register for our upcoming sustainability-related webinars and watch our past ones.

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EUROCONTROL Data Snapshots

Our Data Snapshots focus on the impact of COVID-19 and the invasion of Ukraine on the latest network trends.

EUROCONTROL Climate Change Study 2021

EUROCONTROL study on climate change risks for European aviation

Climate change set to increasingly disrupt aviation on the ground and in the air.

Delivering operational efficiencies now and in the future

At EUROCONTROL, we support the development of efficient procedures to improve the performance of the European ATM network. We help to optimise trajectories to reduce fuel burn, emissions and noise around airports. During the pandemic, we work with our partners to reduce airspace constraints allowing for more efficient trajectories while encouraging the development of green flight principles.

We also measure the outputs of these concepts or operational improvements in environmental terms. Some of the many initiatives we offer help stakeholders achieve greater efficiency, lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions are available here for you to explore.

CEM Working Arrangements

The effective management of aviation environmental impacts at an airport requires the engagement and collaboration of all core operational stakeholders. Our Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM) Working Arrangement is an effective collaborative approach to facilitating optimal environmental operational performance.

Climate Change Adaptation

The impacts of a changing climate and the intensification of disruptive weather events are a risk for aviation operations and infrastructure. Our experts deliver informative documentation to help raise the visibility of the potential effects and mitigation measures that can be taken to fight climate change.

Raising awareness on environmental issues and sustainability through training

We offer a range of ATM related environment and sustainability blended learning events. These range from classroom courses, webinars and e-learning to customised on-site events. Explore the most relevant course(s) for your specific environmental and sustainability needs via our Learning Zone.

Instruments to address the climate impact of aviation

We collect and harmonise data relevant for the EU, Swiss and UK ETSs and the ICAO CORSIA. Through the EUROCONTROL Support Facility we help aircraft operators fulfil their obligations to monitor and report their emissions under these market-based-measures, while reducing compliance costs. Likewise, we support States, EU institutions and aviation stakeholders to implement these market-based-measures and in their efforts to mitigate aviation emissions and other environmental effects.


European Union emissions trading system


Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation

Getting ready for the future of aviation

At EUROCONTROL, we look to invest our time, resources and expertise in sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the aviation industry through future-proof and coordinated research efforts. To do so, EUROCONTROL

Provides best practices for undertaking environmental impacts assessment

Expands its suite of environmental tools to assess the impacts of new entrants

Leads the development of advanced performance indicators

Addresses the challenge of tackling the non-CO2 effects of aviation

Prepares passengers for a multimodality experience

Accelerates the journey towards deployment

Projects and services

Find out more about some of our leading projects and services


Point Merge

Validation of air traffic management concepts through simulations

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