UTM Current State-of-the-Art

This is an overview of traffic management systems (UTM) being developed or already in use for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Project Description
Airmap Gives pilots and operators real-time airspace intelligence about their flights, including controlled airspace, temporary flight restrictions, nearby traffic and changes in weather.
Altitude Angel UK company working with NATS to provide a full UTM for the UK. They produce a range of products, tools and databases for UAS operators, regulators, authorities and ANSPs.
AMC Portal The AMC Portal is a web-based airspace management tool, developed by Croatia Control’s ASM and IT experts. It provides relevant information to all airspace users in real time and enables direct communication between all airspace users and the ASM organization. By providing targeted information, it gives users the opportunity of making reservations of airspace by directly submitting a request and communicating with the ASM organization
Colibrex Drone-Flight-Check Provides both regulatory authorities and drone users with the possibility of ensuring flight safety among the general public. It includes a dynamic and progressive database for traceability and flight lease management.
Dedrone Provides automatic integrated and self-contained drone detection, identification and counter-measure platform to detect drone threats and their operators 24/7.
Drone European AIM Study (DREAMS) Three-year project led by IDS (Ingegneria Dei Sistemi together with TU Delft, EuroUSC and Topview. It aims to contribute to the definition of the European operational concept for AIM for UTM. It will start in October 2017.
DroneLogbook It is a one-stop platform for drone pilots and operators that enables them to prepare their flight area by checking controlled airspace status and plan their mission, automatically getting weather conditions based on flight location and date/time.
Gryphon Sensors Its sensors are the only non-cooperative detection solution that identifies low-altitude, small unmanned aircraft systems and other hard-to-detect airborne traffic according to the company.
Hionos It is a French star-up company that manufactures components developed using processes from the aircraft industry aimed at drone manufacturers.
Japan UTM Consortium Aims to create a new industrial “drone innovation space” and promotes the new industrial revolution. They aim to incorporate Japanese systems and technologies into “international standards” targeted by NASA’s UTM.
Kittyhawk Produces two products tailored more for the American user; for private individual and for businesses. The personal mobile app allows the pilot to access weather and airspace information.
Precision Hawk – Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace Safety (LATAS) Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace Safety, is being flown under the FAA Pathfinder Program and the NASA UTM Program. It serves as a pathway for safe drone integration.
Low Level RPAS Traffic Management (LLRTM) Concept from the French aviation research organisation ONERA for very low level RPAS applications. It is designed to address two safety issues: the risk of RPAS versus manned aircraft conflict.
Metropolis – Urban Airspace Design Investigates new airspace design concepts for scenarios including semi-automatic personal air vehicles (PAVs) and unmanned, autonomous flying cargo vehicles (UAVs) of different weight classes and sizes.
NASA UTM Research prototype technologies for UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system that could develop airspace integration requirements for enabling safe, efficient low-altitude operations.
Skyward A platform designed for contract drone operating companies and connects all the people, processes and equipment involved in their drone operations into an efficient workflow.
Skyways A delivery solution that aims to provide efficient delivery of small parcels to students and teachers using drones.
uTM4UAS It is a CONOPS developed by the ATM Research Institute of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as part of an ongoing Traffic Management for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (TM-UAS) project.
Unifly Connects ANSPs and official entities with drone operators for the safe integration of drones into the airspace.
UrbanATM A concept from the German company GLVI for integrating unmanned aircraft into urban traffic. It is based on commercial-off-the-shelf radar components integrated with existing urban infrastructure.
UAS Secure Autonomous Flight Environment ( U-SAFE) A 5-year project partnership of key US government stakeholders, academia and industry partners to develop, test and certify the US’s first low altitude UAS Traffic Management system.
U-Space It is the SESAR Joint Undertaking’s concept of what is necessary to answer the “Warsaw Declaration’s” call for “urgent action on the airspace dimension of drones, in particular the development of the concept of U-Space.