Useful Information for Airspace Users

The Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) operates the EUROCONTROL Route Charges System on behalf of the EUROCONTROL Member States under the provisions of the Multilateral Agreement relating to Route Charges.

In addition, on the basis of bilateral agreements, the CRCO bills and collects terminal charges for Member States as well as air navigation charges for non-Member States.

The dedicated extranet CEFA with secure access is available to airspace users. By means of CEFA, airspace users have access to their individual billing data (billing documents, statements of accounts); they can update their fleet details and modify their contact details online.


Aircraft Operators

This information is for aircraft operators and the staff responsible for charging matters.

General information

The Customer Guide to charges is a good introduction to the Route Charges System.

If you need to estimate the cost of en-route charges when planning a flight, you can ask for a quotation or download our distance tool, software especially adapted for that purpose.

Detailed information on charges, unit rates and VAT can be found on our Information Circulars.

If you are a new user please consult the Notice for New Users document.


The Billing calendar shows the date of issue of the bill for each month, its due date and the latest date by which you can submit a claim.

Exemption tables shows which categories of flights are exempted from route charges.

The 2017 and 2018 Billing calendars are available here.


If an error is found in our invoices, please claim on time. A form is available to help you to submit a claim on our dedicated page.

Payment of charges

Please pay on time: late payments are subject to interest and could trigger enforced recovery procedures. The different ways of paying are detailed on our dedicated page.

Please also be aware that fraudsters contact airlines by e-mail, trying to convince them to pay phony invoices to fraudulent bank accounts. Look at our fraud warning page for more information on how to avoid fraud and what to do if you suspect you might be a victim of it.

The 2017 Credit Card Calendar is available here.

Fleet - Aircraft

We use your fleet declaration to calculate the aircraft’s weight coefficient, a component of our charge formula. So it is in your interest to notify us of any change to the composition of your fleet.