We regularly offer traineeship opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and Ph.D. students. A traineeship at EUROCONTROL makes for a great first work experience: as an international organisation, we offer you a multicultural and stimulating environment. Watch our video and read below to learn more:

We offer

  • a traineeship period ranging from 3 to 12 months;
  • a mentoring system which guarantees that you will be supervised and guided in your work by a dedicated member of EUROCONTROL's staff;
  • a quality working environment with state-of-the-art facilities;
  • a flat-rate allowance of EUR 900 per month as a contribution to your living expenses;
  • reimbursement of travel expenses, as well as visa costs incurred by non-EU nationals.

How to apply

The Traineeship Programme gives you the opportunity to acquire invaluable work experience in a challenging environment and to put into practice knowledge acquired during your studies.

1. Check your eligibility

  • The Traineeship Programme is open to any higher education student or postgraduate student interested in acquiring valuable work experience in an international organisation.
  • A traineeship could also be your first professional experience. In this case, the traineeship should start within 12 months of completing your studies.
  • Trainees must be a national of one of  EUROCONTROL or ECAC Member States.
  • Excellent knowledge of either English or French - and a working knowledge of the other - is required. For traineeships at Maastricht, only an excellent knowledge of English is required.

2. Fill in the application form

Online application forms are available on our job postings page. From the list of jobs currently on offer, select the traineeship position that you are interested in. You will be invited to register and then you will be able to access the application form.

A copy of the following documents should be attached to the application form, whenever relevant:

  • Declaration on honour regarding the traineeship programme selection process;
  • Certificates and diplomas, if you have already obtained them;
  • Studies programme (should this traineeship form part of your studies), if available;
  • Student card (should this traineeship form part of your studies);
  • Recent judicial record sheet, a copy of your ID/passport and proof of medical insurance need to be given to us if you are invited to be a trainee.

3. Unsolicited application forms

Only applications responding to a traineeship that has been published on our internet pages will be considered.


What better way to learning about being a EUROCONTROL trainee than from first-hand accounts.