Support to Single European Sky

The Single European Sky (SES) is not directly applicable to the Military, as defence and security are activities which remain States’ sole responsibility. However, as the European transport policy impacts directly on airspace organisation, military airspace users’ access to airspace may be affected. In consequence, EUROCONTROL’s Member States have to make important decisions on how they intend to align their military forces with SES developments.

EUROCONTROL’s civil-military ATM coordination division provides support on request by the Member States in all domains related to the implementation of the Single European Sky (SESIM) and its potential impact on military aviation activities.

Regular activities and current achievements

PRISMIL programme PRISMIL stands for the Pan-European Repository of Information Supporting Civil-Military Performance Monitoring. It is a programme which was launched by EUROCONTROL to support a civil-military dimension in the Single European Sky (SES) environment. It promotes a performance-driven culture and, ultimately, facilitates the establishment of a civil-military performance-based partnership.

Local And sub-Regional ASM support system (LARA)

In order to help States fulfil their obligation to verify the compliance of LARA with the Interoperability Regulation, EUROCONTROL has produced a document which is delivered to LARA users with the official LARA release. It offers ANSPs a basis for developing the requisite Declaration of Verification (DoV) and the accompanying technical file. A study has been carried out to map the particular provisions of the SES Regulation which are met once LARA has been implemented. The product of this study is the document which can support States in describing their compliance.

Functional Airspace Block (FAB)

Since the publication of the relevant EC Regulations, several FAB initiatives have been started by Member States and Air Navigation Service Providers. The Agency has supported these with feasibility studies, and EUROCONTROL has published guidelines to support military stakeholders in analysing and defining their requirements when establishing an FAB. EUROCONTROL is available to support the States in the civil-military context with further work. For the moment support is continuing for work packages in FABEC.

Further information is available in the EUOCONTROL FAB Guidelines.
Civil Use of Military Aerodromes (CUMA) The joint civil-military use of designated military aerodromes (in short, CUMA: Civil Use of Military Aerodromes) is a practice already in place in many ECAC States. It is based on national regulations or agreements laying down competencies and responsibilities for the civil and military counterparts. EUROCONTROL, by virtue of its unique position in the field of civil-military Air Traffic Management (ATM) cooperation, contributes by developing the EUROCONTROL CUMA Guidelines..


Certification is one of the processes used to manage and ensure common and harmonised safety levels in aviation. In the Single European Sky (SES) regulatory framework, systems have to be certified in order to be deemed interoperable.

The performance-based certification (PBC) concept addresses the requirements for the certification of airborne systems and provides guidance for national military aviation authorities. It suggests ways of certifying their systems with reference to ATM/CNS regulations for mandated systems, based on the performance of these systems, rather than on equipage or system architecture requirements.


Michael Steinfurth

Head of Civil-Military ATM Coordination Division
+ 32 2 729 46 49