Support services

Our support services relate primarily to surveillance services and the EUROCONTROL Implementation Support Service (EIS).

Surveillance services

The Agency has funded the development of a number of surveillance products which are offered to stakeholders.

As from January 2012 they will be available on the ‘user pays’ principle. These products are widely used, and are, in particular, enablers for the ADS-B and Mode-S Programmes.

The full product range covers capabilities in the fields of surveillance:

EUROCONTROL Implementation Support (EIS)

EUROCONTROL Implementation Support (EIS) primarily assists national stakeholders or groups of stakeholders – mainly the air navigation service providers, airports and military authorities – in their efforts to fulfil their obligations stemming from the Single European Sky (SES) legislation and the European ATM Master Plan.

Although the scope of EIS is very broad, our implementation support focuses particularly on the newly created functional airspace block (FAB) structures, to support their operations and infrastructure developments. These services are requested and funded by industry partners.

EIS could provide support with respect to:

  • system acquisition/implementation;
  • training;
  • cost-benefit analysis (CBA);
  • feasibility and risk assessment studies;
  • staffing/expertise analyses/studies;
  • support to airspace design;
  • capacity studies; and
  • airport operations.