Support to Member States Civil and Military Authorities

We cooperate with the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), Military Aviation Authorities (MAAs) and National Supervisory Authority (NSAs) in our Member and Comprehensive Agreement States, providing them with technical support in the framework of both the Support to States Policy (approved by the Provisional Council in December 2014) and the European Union’s Council (EU) Decision 2015/2394, establishing that one of EUROCONTROL’s roles is to give “Support to its Member States, NSAs, ANSPs and other relevant stakeholders”.

Our activities are organised along these working threads:

  • alignment with EU or international requirements - we advise States on how to best meet their commitments under official agreements (e.g. Single European Sky - SES, the European Common Aviation Area - ECAA - agreement, the Horizontal Aviation Agreement);
  • NSA key tasks - we provide guidance for developing and maintaining an NSA’s key tasks and responsibilities on national and regional levels (e.g. the revision and development of procedures for oversight; the analysis of safety data);
  • NSA human resource capabilities optimisation - we advise on the assessment of those human resources capabilities needed to implement supervisory responsibilities. The assessment includes surveying skills and training requirements needed to fulfil the NSA’s current and future tasks. We do this by establishing and initially managing a pool of experts regionally;
  • NSA obligations in the SES Performance Scheme - we advise NSAs on executing their obligations in SES (voluntary application for non-EU States) regarding the Performance Scheme and the development of their Strategic Business National Plan (e.g. performance planning and monitoring, strategic business plan and investment planning and environmental impact);
  • ad-hoc cooperation as requested - we advise on specific requests by State Authorities made on an ad-hoc basis. These could include: Performance Based Navigation (PBN), deployment of SESAR solutions included in the ATM Master Plan, ATM and Cyber Security Aeronautical Data Quality.

Request support

Cooperation is formalised through a special agreement between the Member State Authority and EUROCONTROL which establishes the framework and conditions of the project to provide the support requested. General project management is undertaken by our team, which develops customised Project Management Plans defining the cooperation, work distribution, timescales and the necessary resources needed to carry out the work.


Support to states and regional initiatives team

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