Stakeholder consultation


One of the EUROCONTROL’s roles in the regulatory support area is to identify rule-making requirements and take appropriate action, including the drafting of regulatory and advisory material.

Regulatory material refers to binding provisions whereas advisory material (EUROCONTROL specifications and EUROCONTROL guidelines) refers to non-binding provisions developed to support regulatory material.Consulting stakeholder is a key step in ensuring relevance and focus of regulations. Any organisation or even person shall therefore be able to make proposals for a new rule or change to an existing rule, with a view to improving the safety and efficiency of the European ATM system.
The high number of stakeholders, the importance of analysing carefully their views on the existing or proposed material and the need to ensure transparency on the development or update of regulatory and advisory material have made the establishment of a rigorous and comprehensive process essential.


  • EUROCONTROL Regulatory and Advisory Framework (ERAF)

The EUROCONTROL Regulatory and Advisory Framework (ERAF) applies to the regulatory functions of the Organisation under the EUROCONTROL Convention.
The ERAF purpose is to facilitate the development and implementation of EUROCONTROL regulatory and advisory material which, with due regard to relevant ICAO provisions and European Community (EC) legislation, may be easily transposed into the legal order of the EUROCONTROL Member States and, where appropriate, of the European Community. ERAF is applied within the framework of the Single European Sky of the EU.

  • EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (ENPRM)

The EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (ENPRM) regulatory process is the mechanism by which EUROCONTROL develops regulatory provisions requiring widespread consultation of stakeholders. All interested parties, including the public, may comment on regulatory provisions before they become binding.

The ENPRM process was approved by the Provisional Council in July 2001.