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ECAC Transport Ministers have confirmed the need for the harmonisation of approaches and requirements in the area of ATM safety regulation.

EUROCONTROL, through the SRC, is developing a harmonised framework for the safety regulation of ATM, for implementation by States. The core of the framework is represented by harmonised safety regulatory requirements, EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirements – ESARRs – but these represent only one element of a wider framework for ATM safety regulation.

To facilitate ESARRs implementation, ESARR Advisory Material (EAM) has been developed for each ESARR, and will be further expanded upon over time. In addition, SRC documents present a wide range of supporting and background material, and forms part of the basis for further progress in ATM safety regulation. These, and other documents, constitute the formal publications of the SRC.

The establishment of such arrangements is essential, not only to EUROCONTROL’s harmonisation activities in the field of ATM safety regulation, but also to assist States’ readiness for an expansion of ICAO’s Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme to include Air Traffic Services. The design of the Safety Regulatory Framework and its Requirements is intended, when implemented, to assist States in preparation for later audits by ICAO.

ESARRs and ESARR Advisory Material (EAM)

  • ESARR 1 - Safety Oversight in ATM
  • ESARR 2 - Reporting and Assessment of Safety Occurrences in ATM
  • ESARR 3 - Use of Safety Management Systems by ATM Service Providers
  • ESARR 4 - Risk Assessment and Mitigation in ATM
  • ESARR 5 - ATM Services' Personnel
  • ESARR 6 - Software in ATM Functional Systems


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