The Safety Analysis Function EUROCONTROL and associated RepositorySAFER – system is EUROCONTROL’s principal tool in its safety data analysis work, and consists of a European ATM Safety Data Repository, fed by a system of regulatory and voluntary data flows. Integrated analysis forms the basis for safety improvement measures and initiatives.

SAFER is designed to provide the ATM component of the EC’s aviation-wide reporting system, based on ECCAIRS. The output of these activities plays a key role in safety improvement (both in safety regulation and safety management) and reinforces the actions of the SRC Work Programme regarding the ESARR 2 AST reporting mechanism in the area of safety analysis. 

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In partnership with the EUROCONTROL Agency, SRC is constantly seeking to improve both the quality and reporting frequency of ATM safety data with the ultimate objective of a swift and potentially on-line dataflow, thus enhancing the ECAC safety performance measurement through:

  • A more timely analysis process, permitting increased safety analysis resulting in up-to-date safety reports that include safety trends and key risk area information, as well as development of Safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to report to the aviation community on European ATM Safety performance;
  • Meaningful inputs to safety improvement initiatives for the ATM system in an increasingly sound and reliable manner.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

For safety, EUROCONTROL established a Safety Data Reporting and Data Flow Task Force (SAFREP) to pave the way forward in establishing a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Safety in ATM.

SAFREP delivered its final report to the EUROCONTROL Provisional Council in December 2009 proposing a set of “lagging” indicators, as KPIs to capture a posteriori the safety performance of the ATM system. These indicators are:

  • Accidents with direct and indirect ATM contribution
  • ATM-related Incident
  • Separation Minimum Infringements (SMI) (airborne incidents)
  • Runway Incursions (ground incidents)

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SAFER intends to build its future reports around these Safety KPIs. Also for the future, a new indicator being developed by SAFREP, the Aerospace Performance Factor (APF) is to be used to aggregate Separation Minimum Infringements, Runway Incursions and other types of incidents into a single overall index - the APF - which will allow determination of a distinct, overall safety trend while enabling analysis of any of its components.