Review of Safety Deliverables

The SRC carries out reviews to identify and address potential safety regulatory issues related to programmes co-ordinated at European level.

The SRC reviews do not lead to any sort of acceptance or approval of the programmes concerned, and does not replace the responsibilities of the authorities in charge of overseeing the implementation at local level. The output is documented in the form of Review Reports / Position Papers issued by the SRC for the benefit of the relevant authorities in order to:

  • Facilitate that safety regulatory issues are taken into consideration by the programmes at the earliest possible stage of the development;
  • Provide, through co-ordination, a common safety regulatory position of the relevant authorities to support the exercise at a later stage of their responsibilities related to the approval and oversight of the programmes concerned;
  • Identify whether current regulation is insufficient or new regulation may be required, and
  • Facilitate safety oversight processes, notably those related to the implementation by NAAs of the safety oversight of changes required in ESARR 1 and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1034/2011.

For more information on the SRC Review Process, please see;

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