Research cooperation

Research & Development cannot be carried out in isolation. We try to create synergies and coordinate developments through these bodies and institutions:

Agency Research Team

The EUROCONTROL Agency Research Team is a forum for exchange to support awareness between the different interested parties, including the identification of complementarities, duplication of work and gaps requiring further coordination and actions when appropriate.

ART organises two workshops annually on specific topics selected by ART for their potential impact on ATM and ATM research.
Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research The publication in June 2011 by Commissioners Kallas and Geoghegan Quinn of the "Flightpath 2050" Vision emphasised the need for a sustainable approach to research and innovation, with the aim of developing an integrated transport system responding to society’s needs in Europe.

We are deeply involved in research & development aimed at creating a harmonised global aviation system, one dedicated to meeting future societal and market needs, with particular emphasis on safety and environmental responsibility.

We believe that the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) is a valuable channel for providing inspiration for future generations of air transport systems; we are proud to play a part in ACARE.
SESAR research networks In the framework of SESAR's long-term and innovative research (WP-E), EUROCONTROL manages Research Networks, a grouping of researchers from academia, industry or public research establishments that share common interests and expertise in a particular field of air traffic management (ATM).
US/Europe ATM R&D Seminars In a continuous effort to further the science that will underpin a harmonised global ATM system, the United States' Federal Aviation Administration and EUROCONTROL have, since 1997, been jointly organising a series of international conferences focused on ATM research and development.  These conferences have been held in both Europe and the USA.