Regulatory support for the Single European Sky

EUROCONTROL helps the European Commission draft the SES regulatory framework and provides support to rule-making, standards as well as safety and environmental legislation.

The Single European Sky (SES) is being developed on the basis of the regulations contained in two legislative packages adopted by the European Parliament in March 2004 and March 2009. This regulatory framework was drafted by the European Commission (EC) with the assistance of EUROCONTROL and is designed to help the aviation community increase the capacity of the European airspace.

EUROCONTROL provides the following services to its aviation partners:

Developing a common regulatory framework for European aviation

EUROCONTROL is helping the EC implement the Sinlgle European Sky by assisting with the delivery of four main regulatory elements:

  • implementing rules (IRs): An implementing rule is a legally binding instrument giving obligatory provisions to EU Member States. In short, it explains exactly how a specific regulation should be brought into operation.
  • community specifications:  A community specification is a voluntary standard that ensures compliance with relevant regulations, implementing rules and directives. EUROCONTROL is one of three organisations being tasked with drafting SES specifications.
  • guidance material,
  • studies.

Supporting safety regulation

In addition, EUROCONTROL provides assistance to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) with the drafting of its own safety-based implementing rules. This continues a relationship that has existed since EASA was created in 2002.