Performance Based Navigation (PBN) mandate

SES mandate on the development of a draft interoperability implementing rule on Performance Based Navigation - COMPLETED

EUROCONTROL was mandated to develop a draft interoperability implementing rule on Performance Based Navigation (PBN) that will define navigation requirements and identify the functionalities required in en-route and terminal airspace, including arrival and departure, and also approach.

Following the completion of Phase I – Regulatory Approach - on the request of the European Commission the mandate was discontinued and the work on the drafting of the implementing rule was transferred to EASA. The subject has been  addressed through EASA rulemaking task RMT.0639, on the basis of the Regulatory Approach Document produced by EUROCONTROL during Phase I of the mandate. The resulting EASA Opinion can be accessed here .

Purpose of the PBN mandate

The implementation of the PBN concept in Europe is a key enabler for increasing capacity, improving efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and improving access to airports. This will in turn, help achieve the performance targets and operational needs in the European airspace as well as to reach global interoperability.

Whilst the objective of the mandate is to contribute to achieve the interoperability of the European ATM Network, its systems and their constituents, and associated procedures, it shall address in particular the specific requirement regarding Navigation systems, laid down in Annex II, Part B, paragraph 5 of the interoperability Regulation:

"Navigation systems shall be designed, built, maintained and operated using appropriate and validated procedures in such way as to achieve the required horizontal and vertical navigation performance, in particular in terms of accuracy and functional capability, for a given environment (surface, TMA, en-route), with known traffic characteristics and exploited under an agreed and validated operational concept."

The overall goal of the implementing rule will be to ensure harmonised and coordinated implementation of ICAO’s Assembly Resolution A37-11 within the European ATM Network.

Regulatory Approach

EUROCONTROL has developed a draft Regulatory Approach Document which has been submitted to a formal written consultation between 31 July 2012 and 16 November 2012.  The Regulatory Approach Document serves as a discussion paper which identifies the issues that have given rise to the need for regulation and analyses the areas of the regulatory provisions that could be covered by the draft IR to ensure the desired interoperability. It relies, notably, on the outcome of a preliminary regulatory impact assessment conducted to identify several options for the development of the draft IR.

The Consultation Package consists of the following enclosures:

Responses have been compiled, reviewed and taken into account for the preparation of the Regulatory Approach. As foreseen by the mandate issued by the European Commission to EUROCONTROL, a stakeholder workshop was held on 5 February 2013 to discuss the outcome of the formal consultation.

Workshop material:

Released documents:


The initial plan describes the project strategy and work breakdown structure, the methodology and processes and the consultation activities as agreed with the European Commission. It also provides an initial analysis of the mandate requirements.