Participants' views

“The development over the years (and the conference content) and the role of CFMU or NM is highly welcome. Continue this way. Thanks”

“Good topics on the whole.”

“Overall very well balanced, I appreciate the side meetings and the one-to-ones. Compared to just a few years ago of 2 days power point presentations, this format encourages much more interaction”.

“In my opinion it was a great forum. On some topics all my points were hit.”

These four comments are representative of the general appreciation expressed for this, the 16th edition of the User Forum. It would appear that the extra opportunities for discussion and sharing experiences, multiple breakout sessions on more specific topics and the dynamic workshops went down well.

Overall, participants rated it “a good event for networking and discussions”, a forum where strategic and operational issues of genuine concern were addressed. The logistics and organisation also received favourable comments, to our gratification.

Listening to you and taking action

Finding the right balance in the choice of topics and choosing the best format for the audience involves a degree of compromise: we do try to address the users’ needs and these, of course, cover a fairly wide spectrum.

We are pleased that many of you gave us ideas for next year’s User Forum (just over half - 52.70% - of the participants responded to the survey: thank you!).
We will take your comments into account - as we always do - when designing the next NM User Forum.
Please take note already that the NM User Forum 2014 will take place on Wednesday 29 - Thursday 30 January 2014.

We intend to take up the recommendation that we allow for more real dialogue” and “listen and respond to concrete and critical user questions & comments”.

We will also bear in mind your requests for “improving the presentation’s style so that the audience is more easily captivated” and “respecting better time-keeping”.

It is too early to draw up the next User Forum’s programme but the topics that you would like to see will certainly be considered:

  • airport-CDM”
  • better flight planning”
  • cooperation between NM/AOs/CFSPs
  • cross functional topics”
  • cooperation & relations between various groups”
  •  “governance”
  • information on “future projects”
  • real operational issues”
  • “more technical workshops”
  •  “external speakers”.

Popular topics

Excluding the Organisation and Networking items which were rated highly, (85.83%), the showcases and the workshops went down better (81.50%) than the Conferences (80.67%), as compared with the calculated average (80.83%).

The most popular topics were:

  • Evolution of the Network Manager Operations Centre
  • Airspace users: challenges and expectations - by IACA & IATA
  • NOP Portal & E-Helpdesk demo
  • The role of flight plan service providers.

Less popular topics

The less popular topics were strategic/political issues such as the Single European Sky, the Network Strategy Plan and measuring key performance indicators.

Satisfaction scores

With the high response rate to the survey (52.7%), we have a good sample of useable information to take into consideration when planning the future edition of the NM User Forum.

The overall satisfaction score is 82.17% (meaning an average of 4.93 out of 6).This is a little lower than it was last year (87%) and is close to the 2009 level (82.22%).

The scores have less extreme differences (a maximum of 18.5% between lowest/highest scores) than the other years (around 30%) and show no big differences between the main profiles of the user groups. Aircraft operators and air navigation service providers gave the same overall average ratings (82.17 %), computerised flight plan service providers rated it a little lower (79.67%).

However, the highest scores came from operational people (83.17%). Managers, including operations management had exactly the same average score (82.17%).

Who participated in the User Forum?

222 participants attended the 2013 NM User Forum, the same number as 2012.
44 participants were no-shows; they were probably hindered by the snowy conditions.

Participants came from 38 countries, mostly European ones.

48% were airspace users, 29% ANSPs, 11% flight plan service providers and 5% were from Industry.

In terms of profile, it should be noted that the proportion of managers (50%) has increased compared with previous years; most of them were Operations Control Centre Managers, Flow Management Position Managers or Flight Dispatch Managers.

As for the other participants, 38% were operational staff and 9% technical/Industry specialists.

You can still give us your feedback!

The survey is closed now, but you are still welcome to send us your views or questions. Contact NM Customer Support by filling in this request for information form.