Our Focus

Over the years, MUAC has developed into a major player in European Air Traffic Management. Operational since 1972, MUAC controls more than 1.6 million flights per year in some of the world’s most dense and complex airspace.

The foundation of our performance is our customer-oriented, flexible perspective and our innovative approach to future challenges. Safety is our top priority and both a comprehensive Safety Management System and robust safety culture contribute to an excellent safety record.

Being the only multi-national Air Navigation Service Provider in Europe, MUAC works hard to keep its productivity levels high and prove its value above the rest. Boasting by far the highest level of controller productivity as well as high cost-effectiveness, MUAC fosters a long tradition of ground-breaking technologies and innovation, keeping MUAC’s performance at exceptional levels. For example, the Free Route Airspace programme, which allows airline operators to file direct routes, has both decreased MUAC’s environmental impact and improved efficiency.

Over the years we have worked closely with our partners and customers to develop a safe, high performing ATM system which meets the requirements and interests of all of our stakeholders. Collaborative projects with our military partners and our continued commitment to programmes such as Single European Sky and FABEC ensure MUAC leads the way towards the integration of European airspace.