Our areas of expertise


Aeronautical information management An efficient air transport system requires accurate, timely and tailored aeronautical information. EUROCONTROL ensures that aeronautical information is provided in a global and interoperable way, while building a network-centric information system for Europe.
Airspace management and organisation

We work with the European Commission, Member States and the aviation community to develop an improved route network over Europe’s busy skies, so that flights can go to their destination more directly, saving time, fuel and money.

Air traffic flow and capacity management

EUROCONTROL, through its network manager functions, balances airspace capacity with demand, optimising the efficiency and safety of air traffic for the continent’s busy skies.

Training We deliver quality training in air traffic management (ATM) to a variety of actors in the aviation community.
We provide a wide range of training services and products - from general introductory courses on ATM concepts to advanced operational training -, building on more than 40 years of expertise.  By delivering tailored training activities, we support EUROCONTROL's pan-European network management and deployment activities, the implementation of the Single European Sky and the SESAR programme.
Civil-military ATM coordination We facilitate civil-military coordination and cooperation in European air traffic management. We also help states and stakeholders in the implementation of the Single European Sky (SES) and the SESAR Programme so as to share airspace in the most beneficial way.  
Communications, navigation and surveillance

We are working on the air traffic management infrastructure of the future, to ensure a fluid exchange of information between airspace users and to provide a harmonised and integrated common framework for the European air navigation system.

Economics and business cases

Our Business Cases help stakeholders weigh up the facts so as to find the best and most cost-effective solution.

With our multidisciplinary team of dedicated economics experts, business case and cost benefit analyses specialists, we deliver stakeholder-oriented, valuable economic analysis tools for airspace users, air navigation service providers, airports, military users and major ATM decision-makers.

Environmental impact on aviation

EUROCONTROL puts its environmental expertise at the service of its Member States, the European Union, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the wider aviation community to help measure, monitor and mitigate the impact aviation is having on the environment.

Human performance in ATM

We analyse various elements which could influence human ability to complete tasks successfully.

Our main goal is to align organisational objectives with staff needs to build an effective, efficient, and safe ATM system.

With our safety management activities, we support pan-European ANSPs in their efforts to keep ATM-induced incidents to a minimum, while ensuring that safety enhancements are in line with European regulations.


We run a full set of simulation platforms covering all phases of flight: from en-route ATC to TMA, including airports, the Network Management function, and even the cockpit side.

Statistics and forecasts

We regularly publish statistics, forecasts, reports and studies on air traffic trends and delays in Europe. We monitor and analyse progress made by the air transport industry.