NSA Training Initiative


The NSA Training Initiative (NTI) is a dedicated training programme designed to support States’ obligation to ‘ensure specific training for those involved in safety oversight activities within their structure’ (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1034/2011, Article 12 (3) (b)). The NTI has been specifically developed for NSA staff and is ideally suited to those having recently joined the organisation and who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role and functions of an NSA. It will also be of value to those with some experience within an NSA wishing to develop their knowledge and skills of specific NSA functions (e.g. in preparation for taking on greater responsibilities).

Although the NTI is focused on the supervisory and oversight roles of an NSA, the principles covered, and much of the content, are equally applicable to the work of other regulatory agencies. The courses may also be of interest to those wishing to gain an understanding of regulatory functions and techniques, for example, staff from ANSPs preparing to take on additional responsibilities which include working with the NSA or regulator.


The NTI is structured around a number of mandatory elements, designed to provide an appreciation of the legal background that supports an NSA and the core functions performed by an NSA, and a range of optional elements covering various specialist tasks. It consists of the following elements;

‘Awareness Level’ courses

  • Introduction to the safety regulation (e-learning);
  • Introduction to the Single European Sky framework.

‘Core NSA Task’ courses

  • Functions of a National Supervisory Authority; 
  • Audit techniques and practice.

‘Specialist Function’ courses

Although the courses may be followed in any order, those wishing to complete the entire NTI are strongly recommended to undertake the mandatory elements before attempting any of the optional specialist courses.

Each of the classroom-based training courses includes an examination that must be completed by all participants.


The NTI will provide participants with a solid foundation in all of the basic NSA functions required by the current European legislative framework.

  •  All participants who attend a course will receive a "Certificate of Attendance".
  •  Participants who successfully pass an individual course will receive a "Certificate of Accomplishment".
  •  Participants who satisfactorily complete the entire NTI within two and half years will be granted a "Certificate of Achievement".

Future Development

The European legal framework relating to air navigation services is rapidly evolving and the NTI will be updated whenever appropriate. In particular, additional modules will be added in the future to cover further specialist topics.


The NSA Training Initiative comprises of the following courses;

  1. Introduction to the Single European Sky Framework (NSA-SES)
  2. Functions of a National Supervisory Authority (NSA-ORG)  
  3. Audit Techniques and Practice (NSA-AUDIT)
  4. NSA Oversight of Competence Arrangements for ATM staff (NSA-SOCA)  
  5. NSA Oversight of Safety Management Arrangements in ATM (NSA-SOSM
  6. NSA Oversight of Changes in ATM (NSA-SOCH)
  7. NSA Oversight of Software used in ATM (NSA-SOSW)
  8. Safety Oversight / Occurrence Reporting and Assessment (NSA-SORA)

A more detailed description of each course and information about the enrolment procedure is provided through the EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) website.