NM contingency arrangements

All mission critical NM services are supported by comprehensive back up systems and procedures in order to mitigate the risk of any technical problem hindering normal operations.

The systems and procedures include;

  • Full contingency facility for all mission critical services at the Bretigny-sur-Orge (FP2) unit.
  • Full dual IFPS functionality enabling all IFPS operations to take place from either unit (FP1 and FP2).
  • Back up electrical power at every installation (both alternative and emergency power supplies).
  • Back up hardware for all systems.
  • Alternative communications systems (both data and voice).

NM ATFCM Procedural Contingency Plan - Winter 2018-2019

In the event of the ETFMS failure, a number of appropriate procedures have been put in place. These procedures are described in the ATFCM Operations Manual.
Where it is not possible to re-establish ATFCM operations a procedural Contingency plan will be activated. This is a phased operation, whereby FMPs will apply predetermined departure intervals to the main departure flows from major airports. The applied rates are based on a capacity reduction of 10% throughout the European ATM network. In this case AOs concerned may expect high delays. Flights departing from non-nominated airfields are not covered by the procedural contingency plan and ANSP FMPs are required to assess the volume of such traffic that may be permitted to operate. 

Guidelines for the application of ATFCM measures in the event of ACC contingencies (partial and total reductions in service) are communicated by ANSP FMPs to the Network Manager (NM) in accordance with the ATFCM Operating Procedures (part of the Network Operations HANDBOOK). 

The Reference Guide to EUROCONTROL Guidelines for Contingency Planning of Air Navigation Services document provides guidance to support contingency situation of Air Navigation Services.