Manpower planning – TimeZone

Controllers are the most valuable resource in the control room. Utilising the resource as efficiently as possible has a direct impact on the cost-efficiency of operations. The allocation of controllers to positions in the control room is the last phase of an important process. It starts at strategic level with an initial evaluation of the number of sectors to be opened and the staff required in order to draw up the operational roster. As the day of operation comes closer, continuous refinement is required to take into account anything that influences the plan.

TimeZone is a tool that we use at MUAC to support the full planning process. It is integrated with other planning tools such as operational roster and sectorisation tools. It contains a number of sophisticated features, which allow a dynamic management of resources in complex situations such as last-minute unavailability of staff or unexpected traffic levels and peaks.

TimeZone’s user interface is designed to provide all important control room ATCO planning information at a glance, and is geared towards easy and quick inputs. With a central repository, it can be configured with multiple view-only screens for controllers, and with an authorised set-up for each supervisor. It has a high degree of on-line and off-line configurability. TimeZone can also be used as a stand-alone product.

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