Medical coverage and pension

EUROCONTROL offers a competitive employment package which includes its own sickness and accident insurance scheme, as well as a very advantageous pension scheme.

Medical coverage and preventive medicine

Staff members are no longer covered by their national schemes once they come to work for EUROCONTROL. However, the Agency has the statutory obligation to provide social security cover under the sickness and accident insurance schemes.

Subject to the limits and conditions set out in the relevant legal provisions, EUROCONTROL's Sickness Insurance Scheme guarantees the reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of illness, nursing care, accident or confinement and the payment of an allowance towards funeral expenses.

The sickness insurance covers up to 80% (or 85%) of the expenditure incurred, and in the event of serious illness, preventive medicine or confinement this can increase to 100%. Special reimbursements are also possible in the event of high expenditure.

While staff members are automatically covered (primary cover), the spouse or dependent children are entitled to primary cover only if they do not benefit from another social security scheme; if they are covered by another scheme, cover at EUROCONTROL will be secondary.


The normal retirement age for officials and non-operational servants is 63. As from the age of 55, staff members (officials and servants only) are entitled to an early retirement pension after 10 years of service with the Agency. In such cases, a reduction factor of 3.5% is applied for every year before the normal retirement age.

If a member of staff leaves the Agency's service without being entitled to a retirement pension, the actuarial equivalent of his/her acquired pension rights can be transferred to a national pension/private insurance scheme.

At the time of retirement, a staff member (official or servant) can expect to receive a pension from EUROCONTROL of up to 70% (maximum) of his/her final basic salary (1.9% of the final basic salary for each year of service).

Contract staff do not qualify for a retirement pension. When their service terminates, contract staff may have the pension contributions they paid into the Agency scheme transferred to a national pension scheme or to a private pension fund, in accordance with the conditions set out in the Staff Regulations.