Logo guidelines

These visual guidelines help ensure the consistent application of the EUROCONTROL identity across publications and marketing material.


You can download and use the logos exactly as they appear. The use of the EUROCONTROL logo is permitted under the following conditions:

  • It is not used in connection with objectives or activities which are incompatible with EUROCONTROL's aims and principles and, therefore, contrary to the interests of EUROCONTROL.
  • It is not used in a context that would imply endorsement of a document, product, etc. by EUROCONTROL (unless EUROCONTROL is a sponsor/co-sponsor of an event).
  • It is used only in its official version as published on this website.
  • Please note that altering elements within the logos is strictly prohibited.

Use for print

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Use for MS Office

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Use for online

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Download the full package (zip - 2MB).