IM event calendar

The table below lists all AIM/SWIM/EAD - related events organised at or with the participation of EUROCONTROL.

Date Name Location Contact
18 July 2018 EAD Safety Workshop EUROCONTROL, Belgium (CASTOR)
19-20 September  2018 EAD Chart Working Group Vianen, The Netherlands 
17-21 September 2018 Course “Implementing Aeronautical Data Quality” EUROCONTROL, Luxembourg
25-26 September 2018 AIM/SWIM Team-15 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
16-17 October 2018 EETF#35 EUROCONTROL, Belgium (SATURNE)
24-26 October 2018 EAD (e)AIP Working Group Edingburgh, UK
25-26 October 2018 First Meeting of the EAD Service and Royalty Charging Task Force (ESRC-TF) EUROCONTROL, Belgium
5-9 November 2018 Course “Implementing Aeronautical Data Quality” EUROCONTROL, Luxembourg
7-8 November 2018 EAD SSG-28 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
13-14 November 2018 AI Operations-19 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
19-23 November 2018 Course “From AIS to AIM Towards SWIM” EUROCONTROL, Luxembourg
26-28 November 2018 Course “SWIM – From Concept to Applications” EUROCONTROL, Luxembourg
26-27 March 2019 AIM/SWIM Team-16 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
28-29 May 2019 EAD SSG-29 EUROCONTROL, Belgium (CASTOR)
5-6 November 2019 EAD SSG-30 EUROCONTROL, Belgium (CASTOR)

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