Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM)

FIXM stands for the Flight Information eXchange Model. It is intended to become a data model for the exchange of flight data in very much the same way as AIXM is for aeronautical data and WXXM is for weather data.FIXM, AIXM and WXXM should not overlap, but 'dovetail' together. Depending on each other to complete definition where necessary. For example FIXM may refer to the AIXM model for the definition of an ATS route.

FIXM  will consist of a core model and a set of extensions to the core model. Extensions may be defined by particular communities for particular needs. The core model will be restricted to those pieces of flight data that can be globally harmonised. And is expected to partially focus on data exchange with stakeholders that operate globally such as the airlines. Example FIXM extensions might be:

  • A European Flow Management extension to capture flight data related to the way Flow management is done in Europe;
  • Security information which may contain US specific data required for security purposes.

The combination of FIXM, AIXM and WXXM is expected to cover the majority of data that needs to be exchanged within ATM. To allow greater interoperability between different data domains the models are expected to be based on common foundations (modelling principles and basic data types).

More details are available through the FAA's dedicated FIXM-website.


The FAA is the driving force behind this new data model, but the intention is to develop it in collaboration with Europe in much the same was as was done for AIXM and WXXM. This collaboration will be handled in the SESAR/FAA coordination plan 3.2, with SESAR project 8.1.9 taking the lead responsibility for FIXM.


The schedule and scope of FIXM developments is under development. An initial version (v1-0) is planned for September 2012 to cover the 2012 flight plan elements. This is just a starting point for further development.


FIXM will actually comprise of a number of different models:

  • FICM, the Flight Information Conceptual Model is a UML model of the basic flight concepts and their relationship and will be integrated into the AIRM;
  • FIXM, the Flight Information Logical Model is a UML model that shows the structure of the data to be exchanged;
  • FIXS, the Flight Information Schema is a set of schemas that will be used to define the payload of interfaces at the wire level.