FASTI deployment

FASTI has provided implementation support to Air Navigation Service Providers, ATC regulators and the ATM industry in the form of implementation planning, validated operational concepts, operational requirements, safety requirements, implementation guidance material, preparation of regulations and ATC procedures. This ensured a harmonised and a more expeditious deployment of system support tool for controllers.

A flexible process has been designed to provide FASTI Support for local FASTI Implementations. The process focused on an integrated approach and partnership working arrangements with the ANSP, Supply Industry and Regulator.

Through its life cycle, the FASTI team has provided support to around 10 ANSPs. An overview of how the FASTI team worked with ANSPs, the type of support available and the experience to date with a number of partners is provided in the FASTI Implementation Support Brochure (pdf)

A set of FASTI Tools Implementation reports, together with the plan for deployment have been produced: