FASTI - ATS Systems

The objective of the FASTI ATS Systems activity was to produce guidance material that can assist ANSPs in the procurement and system providers in the development of controller tools. The guidance material takes the form of operational requirements derived from the operational services and environment description, supplemented with information on implementation options and feedback from validation.

In performing the analysis of a series of pre-operational systems the common, core technical capabilities have been identified. Variable capabilities specific to particular variations of the operational concept have also been identified. The Systems Baseline provides examples of implementations which illustrate possible approaches to achieving and operational requirement.

Previously developed EATM Operational Requirements documents for the FASTI tools Medium Term Conflict Detection (MTCD) and Monitoring Aids (MONA) and the enabler, Trajectory Predictor (TP) were re-scoped and updated by the FASTI team using relevant expertise and experience form ANSPs and industry.

ATS System implementation guidelines for ANSPs were developed which provides support for the successful implementation in the following areas:

  • HMI principles
  • Tools integration
  • Trajectory prediction
  • Interoperability
  • Performance Requirements

The use of conflict detection tools processes, such as MTCD, relies heavily on the performance of the trajectory prediction function. Knowing the performance of the trajectory predictor is essential in optimising the local system.

The trajectory prediction analysis tool (TPAT) has been developed to measure the accuracy of a trajectory prediction (TP) function in a given environment and thereby allowing the performance of an MTCD engine to be predicted. The use of TPAT together with the Operational Performance Assessment methodology is now a mainstay of FASTI implementation support to ANSPs, particularly in support of the following activities:

  • System evaluation and acceptance;
  • MTCD parameter tuning;
  • Investigation and validation of TP improvements.

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