EUR RMA Monitoring Results

This page allows the state authorities and operators to check their RVSM approvals and date for the last successful measurement.

Please note:

  • The EUR RMA does not provide height monitoring results directly to the operators.
  • The queries provide only RVSM approved aircraft, which are registered by states or operators from states under the response of the EUR RMA only. Please note that fleet information and associated height monitoring results for operators/registrations accredited to the North Atlantic RVSM region (Bermuda, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Portugal) are no longer published on this site, but are available on the new NATCMA webpage.
  • Operators from other regions should contact the RMA attributed to their State. See States and Designated RMAs.
  • The information about the last successful measurement includes only measurements from the EUR RMA HMU’s or GMU measurements provided by ARINC within the last two years.
  • For monitoring results from the UK Strumble HMU please contact UK NATS at
  • The latest measurement date indicates when the aircraft was last recorded/measured by the EUR RMA system and that the information passed initial data quality checks i.e the results are valid but the results may not necessarily be compliant. Note that the measurement may be invalidated by corruption. If measurements give cause for concern the operators are contacted directly or their States informed.

European Regional Monitoring Agency

Contact us to report technical, compliance and operational issues, for actions on RVSM height monitoring or feedback from Monday to Friday (08:30 to 16:30) excluding public holidays.

EUROCONTROL is not liability in the event of a system failure and unsuccessful monitoring flight.

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